Month in Review

September Reading Round Up

Total books read this month:  14

Book Ratings

The Best is Yet to Come. 4 stars
Thank You for Listening. 5  stars
The Book Haters’ Book Club. 3 stars
Snowed in for Christmas. 4.5 stars
Flirting with Fifty.   4 stars
All is Bright.  4 stars
A Brighter Flame. 3 stars
The Italian Daughter 4 stars
Grace Under Fire. 4 stars
Murder on the Poet’s Walk. 4 stars
LowCountry Boil.  4 stars
The Bodyguard 4.5 stars
State of the Union 4 stars
Becoming Beth. Meredith Appleyard. 3.5 stars.

New to me authors:

Gretchen Anthony
Susan M Boyer*
Julia Whelan*

*Would read again

Top Print Book for September

book cover

Top Audio Book for September

Thank You for Listening

Top Kindle Book for September

book cover

Looking forward to reading in  October

It’s going to be just about all review books. My finger was trigger happy at NetGalley!  There is nothing that stands out, but they all looked good enough for my my finger to go “Read it!”

Review of Reading Goals  for September

  • read one or two off my shelf.  I did get one print and one Kindle book from my own shelf.
  • keep up to date with library books with my turn. Read three from the library.
  • Read the review books on my calendar.  Yes – done
  • Choose and start my slow and steady read. I chose Emma by Jane Austen and I am happy to say I am more than half way through it.

Main Reading Goals for October

  • Read the review books I have on my calendar
  • Continue with my slow and steady read – Emma
  • Maybe sneak in one off my shelf or a library book if necessary.

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16 thoughts on “September Reading Round Up”

  1. Looks like a great September for you, Kathryn! That’s a lot of books and sounds like most were winners for you. Your top books in print and audio both sound good to me.

    Hope that October is also filled with good books!

    Book By Book


  2. I like the idea of the slow and steady read! I am kind of doing that with the Outlander books, although more the slow and less the steady, lol. I need to get Thank You For Listening. I read and enjoyed The Bodyguard earlier this year too. Hope you have a good October!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Such a great reading month and I see several books that I really enjoyed on your list – especially the Sarah Morgan and RaeAnne Thayne. I like that you break your favorites up by media. I was noticing that so often my favorite for the month is an audio so I’m wondering if it’s the format or just the books I get on audio.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I also liked The Bodyguard, The Best is Yet to Come, and The Italian Daughter.  Based on your recommendations, I have ordered Thank You for Listening and Snowed In for Christmas from my library.  Thank you for your reviews. Judy Zell

    Liked by 1 person

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