The Italian Daughter. Soraya Lane

The Italian Daughter

Published: Bookouture
Date: 23rd September 2022
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

taly, 1946: As Estee bids farewell to Felix her heart breaks. Thinking back to her childhood when the two friends ran through the cobbled streets of their picturesque town hand in hand, she thought they would never part. But when Estee was offered a place at the world renowned La Scala theatre, she had to say yes. It would change her family’s fortunes forever.

London, present day: Lily clutches a worn Italian recipe and theatre programme in her hands, having just discovered that her grandmother was born in a home for unmarried mothers. The faded objects are the only clues to her past.

Accepting a job on an Italian vineyard –a dream of her late father–, Lily enlists the help of the charming Antonio to help solve the mystery. But arriving in Felix’s town, Lily unearths a tragic love story: of families bitterly torn apart and of two lovers who were prepared to sacrifice everything.

The Italian Daughter by Soraya Lane is a dual time line story that pulls at a reader’s heart strings. It is about lost family and found family.

On one level we follow the story of Estee and Felix, in Italy. She has become an excellent ballerina, and he belongs to a renowned baker’s family. We meet them pre-war and then after the war. Their story is moving and heart wrenching in places, but ultimately resolution happens.

Lily, is learning to be a wine maker and is making her way to Italy to work in a vineyard. There she is welcomed with open arms and is soon entranced by the winemaker’s son, Antonio. She carries with her a small box with two items that were linked to her grand mother. They will take her on a journey that has “gold at the end of the rainbow”

I enjoyed this story, it was both moving and heart warming. Each era moved along smoothly, I am not a great fan of dual timelines but this worked really well. Gently done.

So some mystery, some romance, some meddling as well. This is the first book in a series titled The Lost Daughters. Girls who for one reason or another were adopted out. If this first one is anything to go by they will make good reading.

6 thoughts on “The Italian Daughter. Soraya Lane”

  1. Dual time lines are iffy for me. When done well I really enjoy them but they so often are not done will. This sounds really wonderful! I love this kind of story and it being set in Italy is hard to beat.

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