August Reading Round Up

Total books read this month: 11

Book Ratings

Four Weddings and a Funeral   4 stars
The Annotated Pride and Prejudice 5 stars
Flying Solo. 3.45 stars
A Certain Darkness 4.5 stars
The Summer Place 3.5 stars
Storm Echo 4.25 stars
Everything Must Go 4.25 stars
Dewey Decimated 4 stars
The Hotel Nantucket 4 stars
A Gentleman in Moscow 5 stars
Call My Name. 3 stars

New to me authors:

Amor Towles

Top Book for August

This was my slow and steady read. Twenty or Thirty minutes a day, and it made great reading. Not my usual but so happy to have picked it up.

book cover

Reading in September

Review of Reading Goals  for August

I aim to read five off my shelf each month. This month only four and that was with the help of Pride and Prejudice which I had been reading for months!

Chose my next slow and steady read which I completed in this month and was my favourite.

Main Reading Goals for September

Let go my goal of five off my shelf this month. Because…. I need to read more review books which are stacking up on me.

  • So read one or two off my shelf.
  • Keep up to date with library books that are turning up because its my turn.
  • Read review books on my calendar for September
  • Choose and start my next Slow and Steady read… from my shelf!

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18 thoughts on “August Reading Round Up”

  1. I was the same with Gentleman in Moscow. It felt like a nice little treat at the end of the day and I only read a chapter or two. It took me forever but it was a thoroughly enjoyable forever. I love that you’re readjusting your goals. I tend to be too rigid on self made goals and end up getting stressed about something I could change. Happy September!


  2. Kathryn, I’m glad you finally finished Pride and Prejudice, but I didn’t give it 5 stars.  I agree with 5 stars for Gentleman in Moscow.  Towles’ newer book, The Lincoln Highway, is not as good, but worth 4 stars, and it will give you a lot of U.S. geography.  I also have had more library books come in this month than I can possibly read in a month.  I have almost 2 dozen checked out, and 3 more waiting for me to pick up at the library.  I am currently reading The Librarian Spy, which is excellent. Judy Zell


  3. That is quite the list! I have a slow read book right now too but would probably read more of it if I didn’t have constant interruptions by the animals (or Hubs). 😉
    So you not only have a reading goal list of book but also your “review books”. Are you reviewing books for someone?


    1. Linda there is a website called NetGalley which has books for ebook that you can get and review on Goodreads, blog etc. I’ve been there since about 2013. I usually choose only ones I think I’d like but don’t always get it right! Also publisher has to approve your request and that all then goes into where you live because some books don’t have world rights.

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