Month in Review

July Reading Round Up

Total books read this month:  13

Book Ratings

Nightwork. Nora Roberts 4.5 stars
Point Last Seen 4.0 stars
Out of the Clear Blue Sky 2.75  stars
Murder Spills the Tea 3.5 stars
Birds of a Feather 4 stars.
An Island Wedding 5 stars
With Love from London 4.25 stars
A Room at the Manor 3.75 stars
Nora Goes Off Script 4.5 stars
The Summer Melt (audio novella) 3 stars
The wishing Quilt. 3.75 stars
The Big Four. 4 stars
Book Lovers 4.25 stars

New to me authors:

Vicki Delany *
Annabel Monaghan*
Lori Wilde

  • authors I’d read again.

Top Book for July

Because it belongs to a series I love and told on audiobook lifts it a notch up. I wasn’t that happy with the ending though and I read somewhere its the last. Hope its not.

book cover

Looking forward to reading in  August

Review of Reading Goals  for July

Read my five books from my shelf. Plus really got my speed up on The Annotated Version of Pride and Prejudice.

Main Reading Goals for August

Read  five books from my shelf.

Finish Pride and Prejudice and choose my next slow read.

Linking up with Nicole from FeedYourFiction Addiction.


12 thoughts on “July Reading Round Up”

  1. Wow, 13 books in one month! That’s amazing! because I’ve been reading all Big Books this summer, I’ve only been reading 4 a month – but they’ve all been excellent! I’m glad I finally got to some of these that had been languishing on my shelves! Oh, and you’re doing great with reading from your shelves, too – hopefully, fall will help me make some progress there because even my double rows are now filling up!

    Hope you have a great reading month in August, too!

    Book By Book

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  2. You had a great month! Interesting titles, too, and I just added Book Lovers to my shelves. I enjoyed With Love from London and I’m eyeing Out of the Clear Blue Sky. I hope you enjoy The Bodyguard. Have a great August.


    1. Linda I mostly read in a sunny spot if I can find it or by the fire in winter. I read whenever I feel like it, mostly in about half hour slots! Being retired means I am my own boss!

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