Carolyn Brown Riverbend Reunion

book cover

“Riverbend, Texas, doesn’t look like the crossroads of anywhere. But for four high school besties reuniting after twenty years, it’s a place to unpack a lot of baggage.

Risa’s for divorce, Mary Nell’s been kicked to the curb by her leech of a boyfriend, and Haley was just blindsided by a shocking family secret. But restless army veteran Jessica Callaway, looking to plant roots, has an idea: corral her fellow former cheerleaders and renovate an abandoned church smack-dab in the middle of three dry counties into a bar. Throw in a grill and Wade Granger—a onetime nerd turned surprisingly crush-worthy investor—and their lives are on tap for a turnaround.

My Thoughts

Riverbend Reunion by Carolyn Brown is l about a group of friends all coming back together after leaving school twenty or more years ago.  Along with them come the delightful sixteen year old twins belonging to Risa one of the women. Each of the women have had challenges to face and now they are ready to take on a new life.

As it happens Jessica’s being left an old church gives them the opportunity to do something entirely new. Plus Wade another ex military person is along for the ride as well.

This story is about found family, friendship and good will. It also has something to say about religion when it goes completely daft and ridiculous.

It does lack some tension and the plot tdid not  make me want to pick it up at every moment. and perhaps could have been more finely edited.

It’s a low-key, warm hearted read with of course everything working out well and hearts that were hurt are now mending and moving on.

7 thoughts on “Carolyn Brown Riverbend Reunion”

  1. Probably not my kinda read if I’m totally honest but I’m sure others will enjoy it more. I do wonder how someone can be left a church. 😛

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  2. I’ve delayed reading this, Kathryn, because of not enjoying the Jenny Hale. I will keep it for when I next feel like a quick, easy, warmhearted read. Thanks for your honesty. ❤📚


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