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Five Books From my TBR in May

Five more books read off my own shelves.  Very satisfying to know that while I do add to it once I have read three, my print TBR has shrunk in 2022.

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The Librarian by Sally Vickers. 4 stars. It took me awhile to really come to like this book. It is set in a quaint stolid time of British history. But it does showcase small community and the petty jealousies and loves that abound in a small community. But mostly it shows one sincere, warm young women finding her way in the world, sharing her love of books as a children’s librarian. Some readers have said they didn’t like the modern ending – I did! 

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#5 in the series.You Can’t Hide by Karen Rose. Another chilling book in this series. I did pick the killer behind the whole thing very early on, there were little clues that pointed. But that said, it was all very convoluted and involved. I could read about that Reagan family any day. Aidan and Tess – great pair.  5 stars.

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Sad to say I didn’t find myself addicted to this book or feel called to continue with the series. Happy that I tried it. I know there are so many fans but won’t be joining them. Very violent – too much so for me, with not enough to hold me in the world. Give me a Nalini Singh book any day. Was good to see what all the hype is about and to see how many have totally loved this series. I’ll end my journey here though.  3 stars.

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#2 book in the series. A Whisker of Trouble by Sofie Ryan. Fun mystery, did pick the murderer very early but that was more from intuition than picking out clues. Nice twists and turns and of course Elvis is so enchanting.  While I didn’t star this highly I will certainly be continuing with the series and catching up with the sleuthing gang. 3.5 stars.

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A Small Blue Thing by Julie Hanify. This was a memoir by someone I had the privilege of being a colleague for awhile . She discovered she had ADHD and was on the autism spectrum. This is a recount – an often detailed one, of various events in her life. I found it a bit too detailed but glad I have finally read it. She certainly had a gift for reaching the students who presented with differing ways. A very gifted person but not sadly always appreciated by those who surrounded her. She wrote this memoir during a creative writing course at university.  Not giving this one a rating.


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11 thoughts on “Five Books From my TBR in May”

  1. So impressed with your TBR reading, Kathryn!! 5 TBR books in one month – excellent! Booktopia really set me back, as they were all new books, but Big Book Summer will all be from my own shelves – I have more than enough to choose from!

    I’m also impressed that you seem to be getting very good at guessing who the murderer is! Well done. I am almost always surprised.

    Good luck with your continued TBR efforts!

    2022 Big Book Summer Challenge

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  2. The Librarian reminds me of the Beverly Cleary memoirs I read recently — by a real-life children’s librarian! Recommended if you haven’t come across them.

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    1. Esther when you really love a series I say go for it. I can see the appeal of ACOTAR for readers but not one that totally hooked me in enough.


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