Emilie Richards and Desert Shadows.

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Republished by: Emilie Richards
Source: From the author.

Was rebellious Sister Felicia, the nun who sneaked cigarettes and went swimming in the nude, for real? Or was she a cool assassin, an impostor who had come to the Palm Springs convent in order to murder world-famous humanitarian? — Undercover agent Josiah Gallagher thought he’d figured out the mysterious nun whose beauty kept him awake at night. Then he and the ”sister” found themselves stranded in the desert, with only a slim chance for survival.

Sister Felicia’s bravery during their desperate desert trek inspired Gallagher to tenderness–and solved the mystery of her presence at the convent. But though he knew he’d met his match, this was no time to give in to passion. He was no saint and she was no sister, but they might never get away alive unless they relied on a wing and a prayer.

Emilie Richards has now regained control of some of her earlier books and has been updating them and reissuing them.  Desert Shadows was first published in 1992. As I didn’t know anything of Emilie Richards books in those days, the fact she can refresh and present these books to todays readers is perfect.  In my opinion the updating has been successful and reads really well in 2022, good writing is good writing – whenever it was written.

We first meet Felice in a convent, where she is undercover of all things.  At first as a reader you don’t realise this, but it doesn’t take long to see she has quite different motives to what you’d expect. She is there to watch over someone and protect them. But soon she is involved in a number of dangerous situations that had me reading on to see what was going to happen next.

I loved the setting of Palm Springs and the characters – Felice and Josiah – who as they work through one dangerous situation after another, finally work out what they mean to each other. Good romantic suspense.

I look forward to the next book Twilight Shadows that takes up the story of Kelley, Felice’s partner.

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6 thoughts on “Emilie Richards and Desert Shadows.”

  1. Thanks for telling us about the re-issue, Kathryn. And you’re right. Good writing is good writing whenever it’s written. And the writing can be excellent without being riddled with expletives and vulgar scenes, imo. 🙂


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