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Audiobook Abundance

When I noticed Audible was having a sale and a good one, I couldn’t resist. They were good bargains too. So I went through my Wishlist there and chose five audiobooks that I wanted to read/listen to.

Ink and ShadowsPart of a cosy mystery series I am following. This is #4 and as I have picked out #5 to review at NetGalley I decided this one needed to be read first.  It is very good on audio (the previous three have been too). I have started this one and am loving all the book references.

Nora and her friends no doubt are about to solve some murder, hasn’t been mentioned yet but there is something very odd going on across the road from Nora’s bookshop.

A Place to Hang the MoonI had wanted to buy this one and listed it as so. But then decided to borrow it from the library. However when it was going very cheaply from Audible, well had to get it.

It is set in England in WW2 and is about some children sent to the country who are looking for a lasting home for ever. A middle grade book I am really looking forward to reading.

Rising TidesThis is a reread but via audiobook. I listened to the first one as a reread and it was every bit as good as I remember. So when the sale came along I purchased Book 2. This is Ethan the fisherman and boat builder.

I am sure it will involve most or all of the brothers, so looking forward to this one .

Writers and Lovers

I know I saw some reviews for Writers and Lovers when it came out and put it in my Wishlist. The reviews I can see at Audible are great too.

Sounds like the heroine is torn between two possible love relationships. I wonder what happens.

The Wedding Veil

Like A Place to Hang the Moon, this book The Wedding Veil was in my list of buy books. When I noticed I would only be able to buy the hardback in my country for quite awhile at $50, I also placed it in my audio Wishlist. And then the sale came along and it made it a very good choice. Usually KWH books are excellent on audio and this has some great narrators.

I had to pre-order it but that’s good, as you can see I have plenty to go on with.

It’s a pity I limited myself to five, but I guess I do need to be somewhat restrained. Sigh!!  But I am just so delighted with these five. Makes me happy.


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13 thoughts on “Audiobook Abundance”

    1. Oh good Laurie, review enough. I couldn’t remember why I put it into my wish list but decided I must have put it there for a reason. So now happy to hear you loved Writers and lovers on audio.

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