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And Five More Read from my TBR

It is so good to see my books shrinking a little off my TBR print shelf. I am calculating that if I read five a month, that will be sixty books by the end of the year!  Here are the next five I have read.

book coverI picked up Go Tell the Bees I am Gone, knowing its a doorstopper of a read and it was, it took me two weeks to read.

However I throughly enjoyed going back into the late 1770’s in North Carolina on Fraser’s Ridge. Most of the story takes place there although we do go to nearish places.

So many characters to catch up with, and see how they were getting on. A few new ones. There is trouble of course as they become closer to moving away from the British rule. Some violence which I hurriedly skipped over.

And a bit of a cliff hanger at the end I had no trouble waiting for to resolve in the next book, which could be years away. It always surprises me when I get into these books I just remember so much.  4.5 stars.

AdmissionSo remember that scandal that broke about rich people paying for their children to gain college entry. This is a fictional story of a family who do just that. It’s told from the point of view of the young woman concerned. It explores the effect on her and her whole family and her friends.

Well worth reading. Puts us in touch with privilege. And misuse of it. It also opens us to stand and observe the guilty and their handling of it. Hopefully opens our hearts to forgiveness. Go well Chloe’s family.  4 stars.

book cover #3 in the romantic suspense series I am reading by Karen Rose. I often pick up one of these after reading a meh book and I need something to just make me turn the pages.

Great read. Well I disliked the crime parts, I might have  skipped the tough parts.  But it is so fast paced and the characters are so likeable. I love the Reagan family. Part of what I like about these books is the family aspect and the friendships. And often we get ongoing updates as other members of the family or friends get a book of their own. The crimes escalate and its more than one perp. Creepy deaths, maybe they deserve it but… Points to the corruptness of the system really. Romantic aspect – top notch.  5 stars.

The AwakeningAfter reading Katherine’s review of this (I Wish I Lived in a Library), I put this to the top of my reading pile. I am so happy I did. It was wonderful turn page reading. One main character – Breen with lots of interesting characters surrounding her.

A portal into another world. A magical world and a long forgotten family that Breen belongs to. It is fantasy with a capital F. It appealed to my child reader in me, who remembers wonderful fairy tales and mystic and magic.

Have already ordered  #2 The Becoming.   5 stars

book coverAn interesting story of a young debut author who finds himself at a publishing house where Jackie Onassis becomes his editor. The book is fiction but based on his family life, and mainly his mother. Mrs Onassis pushes him to his limits until he explores the issues involved in his life and with his mother. While doing so he develops a good author/editor relationship that really supports him along the way.

I liked this book but I am so pleased I read The Guncle first as that one was more to my reading taste. However this was worth reading.  4 stars


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17 thoughts on “And Five More Read from my TBR”

  1. I can’t believe you read Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone in just two weeks! It definitely would have taken me a month or more!

    And, as I mentioned, I just started The Editor, but I didn’t realize it was the same author as The Guncle (which has been on my TBR list since you recommended it!). Thanks for the heads up.

    Way to go on the progress with your TBR books!

    Book By Book

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  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed The Awakening! I really did too and it was quite a surprise to me. Maybe you’re right about it tapping into my child reading spirit. I’m in line for the audio at my library but they’re saying it’ll be months before I get it so I may end up buying it. The Editor looks fantastic and great job getting some books off your TBR!

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  3. I am glad you are able to clear more space on your TBR shelves! I really want to read The Awakening. It sounds so good! I hope you have a great weekend, Kathryn!

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  4. I like that you’re clearing your shelves of titles from your TBR. Did you read those books in order, meaning did you start at book one? Outlander book 1 has been on my shelf forever and I don’t know why I don’t start it. I did hear it’s violent in places and though I read crime fiction I don’t like reading that. Also Nora Roberts, one of my go-to when I can’t decide which book to pick up next– I now want to read that one! Thanks.

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    1. Yes I started reading the Outlander books when the first one came out and really they do need to be read in order. I imagine it would be rather daunting to start into them now. Yay for Nora Roberts.


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