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Books Read from my Shelf in January

I set out to read five book off my print TBR shelf each month and I have accomplished this for January. It feels good to see them being read. And of course I have given myself incentive, because for every three I read, I will allow myself to buy a new print book! At present I am actually fitting in a sixth off my shelf because I want to buy another book! I was so tempted to break my own rule and buy the book, but how could I break the intention in January!!

  1. How to Stitch An American Dream by Jenny Doan. A memoir that gives insight into Jenny’s early life, especially as she starts off into married and family life. I come from a large family and it was interesting to compare. I loved how when her children were adults they all worked together to form an amazing quilting company that now is a mega quilting shopping complex in Hamilton Missouri. Jenny Doan is well known through her quilting videos. I have learned from them and I may have shopped via international shipping from time to time!  Really liked the book.
  2. Have You Seen Her by Karen Rose.  A romantic suspense/thriller. Fast paced and full of action as all her books are. This is #2 in her series. It takes place in North Carolina. There are chilling abductions and murders. It kept me reading. I loathed the sickening crimes, I loved the main characters, who contrast so well with the evil. These good characters have issues but inherently they move the world to being a better place.  Great reading, but I hated the crime parts. Of course I take another and read #3 at some point.  Well actually I reading #3 right now and so good!
  3. Meet Me in Scotland by Patience Griffin.  #2 in the Kilts and Quilts series. Set in Scotland of course! Most likely can be described as romance. I liked the main characters, and Deydie the crusty old woman and the main quilter was her usual delightful self. However I wanted to see more of a link with the last book’s characters. Not enough. I enjoyed the book but I am not sure I will continue with the series.  Sometimes with a series like this, its kind of the same story but with different characters! Maybe at some point I might borrow one from the library.
  4. The Shell Collector by Nancy Naigle would be termed Women’s Fiction I think. It was a sweet, inspirational story with an older woman and a woman dealing with the death  of a husband and her care for her children. A friendship develops between the two women and both of them are enriched. Loved the shells that are found on the beach with sayings that a person needs at that time of picking it up. My first book of the year and worthy of it.
  5. The Moon Over Kilmore Bay by Carmel Harrington was on the whole a good read, but I would have to say was the one least liked by myself by this author.  Well written and plotted, however what happens to the main character just put me off. Probably if I had realised I wouldn’t have read it, but no warning! Just in case you read it, you probably won’t but still, I will not give away the major plot point! But of course I’ll read everything else she writes.

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21 thoughts on “Books Read from my Shelf in January”

  1. That’s an excellent resolution and I will immediately adopt it! I’m glad you are enjoying all the treasures you have amassed for yourself.

    Luckily I didn’t see this until today so most of January doesn’t count 🙂

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  2. Oh fun to see some of what you read and great to clear some books off your shelf! I have the Patience Griffin but haven’t read it or the first one. I need to bump that up the priority list. The Shell Collector sounds like a book I’d really enjoy. I like those kinds of healing stories.


  3. Well done with the challenge! I managed to clear 3 from my shelf/kindle this month – more than I’ve done in a while. I’ve almost cleared my review shelf (actual and NG) and then I’ll read more of my own books. Have a good weekend, Kathryn.

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  4. Thanks for sharing, I’m also from Missouri and had never heard of Jenny Doan so its amazing that someone half a world away introduces me to someone in my own State, granted she’s from the Kansas City area and I live in the St Louis Metro Area but still. I’ve put a few other books on my list Kathryn. Thanks

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    1. I learned so much about quilting from Jenny Doan on You Tube and video classes. I’d love to visit Hamilton Missouri, but that’s not an option these days. I am guessing but I suspect Missouri is probably bigger than NZ so not surprising you hadn’t heard of her Debbie.


  5. Yay for reading books off your own shelf! You are making great progress with your goal, Kathryn. Have You Seen Her sounds really intense! The Shell Collector sounds really good too. I hope you continue to enjoy your reading! Thank you for hosting.

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    1. Thank you. Yes Have You Seen Her is intense. I avoid the yucky stuff and just read all the good things in the book. I hate the horrible crimes but love the detectives and the working together to solve the evil.


  6. I totally added the Quilts and Kilts series now to my TBR, they look so much fun. I’ve also added the Jenny Doan book as well. I too have watched so many of her videos or created something from one of her patterns, I think it will be interesting to see a little into her life.

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    1. I made sure I was careful about getting review books Stephanie to leave me space to read from my shelf and then put in an added stop to buying new books to help me along. Don’t know how long it will last!


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