Reading Goals for 2022

  1. Read five books a month from my actual TBR print shelf.
  2. Keep some series going that I have started  So ….                                                                     the Karen Rose romantic suspense series, the Rhys Bowen Royal Spyness series,                      Ellery Adams Secret Scone and Book Society and the Patience Griffin series set in Scotland. There are a couple of other cosy mysteries that I’d like to read one in to see how I like them.I also want to try a Sarah Maas fantasy series.  Of course there are other series where a new one will come out and I’ll read those of course.
  3. I want to cut down on my book buying so that I don’t end up with lots of books waiting to be read. So I have decided I must read three from my print TBR before I buy a new print book. According to my maths calculation that is a ratio of 3:1 and my TBR shelf should shrink a bit over the year! As well, for every new book I buy one has to go from my shelf into a box to be donated, either from the read section or the TBR section.
  4. Read the back lists of authors I like or newly discovered and want to try another, can be any author but thinking Roisin Meaney, Julie Cantrell, Josi Kilpack, Steven Rowley, to name a few.
  5. Reread some books. I like the idea of rereading but never do. So I am just going to say about six and it can be via audiobook as one way of doing that.


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14 thoughts on “Reading Goals for 2022”

  1. These are such perfect goals – ones I need to adopt! Especially in regards to my TBR shelves – overflowing. Like the idea if 3 to 1 – must try that. Happy reading this year!


  2. These are solid goals, Kathryn. I hope you like the Throne of Glass series. In the past, after reading the first book I was unimpressed and wondered what the hype was, however, because many praised it, I read the second and then it clicked. To me, that series is like a chess game. Each book is a move with a whole book built around it. I would like to reread it again; it was epic.

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  3. All good goals, Kathryn. I’m not a re-reader – so many books hiding out on my Kindle that haven’t been read once. I like your idea of doing it via audio.


  4. These all sound like great goals, Kathryn. I want to work on catching up with some of my series reading too. I also want to read more of my print TBR books. We shall see how that goes. Good luck with your goals and enjoy your reading!

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