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Celebrating 2021 Reading

And so 2021 reading comes to a close. And so some observations.

        1. In 2021  I read 151 books.  I set out to read 100. Between 100 and 150 is my normal, and feels about right for my reading pace. Screen Shot 2021-12-31 at 7.03.52 AM
        2. I think of that 151 about 27 were audiobooks. I had a good year in audiobooks and enjoyed them from both Audible and Libby – which came into play in September and meant I cut back to one credit a month at Audible. As Audible now has quite a few books in the Audible Plus section for members that gives even more possibilities.  So many great narrators. Sandra Burr, Dick Hill,Mia Gaskin, Katherine Kellgren, January LaVoy, Brittany Pressley… to name but a few.
        3.  I am a reader who once I find a good series, I generally stay faithful to it. And in 2021 t was no different. I continued with some, finished a couple and started a few new ones. So some of the series I am into, not all! Mary Marks finished her series and is no longer writing. I started the Haunted Library and Anna Lee Huber series and am all caught up. I’ve read some of Karen Rose but am now committing to going right back to the beginning.
        4. Last week I looked at new to me authors, so here I’ll mention some of the “old faves” authors I again read in 2021.

      5. And a small observation to end the year. I started out intending to read…book coverBut its still sitting on the sideboard with only a few pages read. But… I did read and enjoy

      And I set off looking at the life and times of Jane Austen on You Tube, seeing where she lived etc. I will want to read some more about her and I will get to Pride and Prejudice and then Emma, but learning some of the way women lived in those times will enable me to better understand her books.


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17 thoughts on “Celebrating 2021 Reading”

  1. Looks like a wonderful reading year! I love the idea of learning more about the lives of women during Austen’s time. I have read Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility and enjoyed them both but don’t quite get the magic. Maybe I would if I understood the world a bit more. Happy 2022!


  2. You’ve highlighted some good books! Some I’ve read and some are patiently waiting on my TBR shelves. One of my goals in 2022 is to try the first book in the Huber series.


  3. You had a great year! I see some titles I want to read…and others I have read. I want to read more from Emilie Richards and Jenny Colgan. I should try Darynda Jones.

    I haven’t written my wrap-up post yet, but I’ve read 131 books this year.

    Now I need to set up my Curl up and Read blog, where I track the books I receive, read, etc. It is a time-consuming process!

    Enjoy whatever celebrating you do…and have a great start to the New Year!


  4. After swearing off Austen spin-offs for quite some time, I did enjoy The Other Miss Bennett this year. I’ll check out your other recs too. Thanks for all the inspiration, and happy new year!

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