Book Connections, Month in Review

Five Steps to Choose a Book


There are always good reasons to choose a book we want to read. This time it’s because…

  1. I take part in Nicole at Feed Your Fiction Addiction‘s monthly link up for the round up for the month of what we have read. Attached to that is a giveaway and she let me know I’d won a recent month. Very exciting… winning a book hasn’t happened for a long time.
  2. So the choice was anything off Nicole’s Goodreads shelf that she hasn’t read. Because it’s her way of reading the book the winner picks, it makes her read it.  She even says the winner and herself could do a joint review of the book. I am still considering that.
  3. As I looked through her list I could see we had some points of intersection. And eventually after a bit of indecision, I settled on an author I haven’t read but have heard a lot about.
  4. So an author I haven’t read, plus it is fantasy and I rather  like a fantasy book every so often, not too often, but now and again. It is also in the YA range and I don’t mind that now and again.
  5. Finally I looked at the reviews.  Out of the people I follow on Goodreads

          Fifty readers had given it           Five stars.

Then a large number of four stars and some three stars. And horror eight 3 stars and even a one star.

Hmm I thought, some readers didn’t like it but it will be interesting to compare when I’ve read it. Do I agree?  However final decision was made on the count that of the readers I respect like Kimberley, Freda, Shelleyrae, Kathy, Berls and Bev all liked it. A couple of others who I respect had marked it lower and so they will be reviews I look at more closely after I read the book.

So decision made and Nicole is kindly going to send me the UK version of the book. You can see it on the left. The USA cover is on the right.

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13 thoughts on “Five Steps to Choose a Book”

  1. Always such fun to pick a new book to read!

    My son read this book years ago and enjoyed it – but here in the US, it is also the cover on the left! Not sure where the one on the right is sold … but I like the one on the left better! Not sure my son would have read the one on the right – lol

    Enjoy it!!

    Book By Book

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  2. I like seeing your process! I’m not sure what I would do in that specific situation but I think it would be pretty similar. For just regular reading choices I’m probably a bit more whim based. I remember seeing so many good reviews about this book and this author so I’ll be curious to see what you think!

    Liked by 1 person

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