The Memory Quilt. Leonora Worth

The Memory Quilt

Published: Kensington: Zebra
Date: November 30th
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

the first in a new inspirational romance serieswith a touch of suspensefeaturing independent Amish sisters who run a historic inn located near Lake Erie, Pennsylvania. It’s a satisfying life of simplicity and peace…but when Abigail King finds an injured Englisch man who’s lost his memory, unexpected love and a bit of mystery stirs a longing for more. Using scripture and a memory quilt to piece together the brief flashes of his life, will the mysterious stranger choose to stay once his memory returns?

Abigail finds a injured man almost drowned on the beach and with help gets him home. Because he seems to have been coughed up out of the sea she calls him Jonah.

And so begins the relationship between Abigail and Jonah. Abigail is Amish, she lives with her family, her parents and two sisters. Their parents have raised them to be independent thinking girls, but still ones who keep the way of living of the Amish.

Jonah is an outsider, and after he is discovered by her family he stays with him. His memory of who he is has completely vanished. As he works around the inn and grounds slowly he has little flashes of memory. Abigail keeps track of these in a primitive art memory quilt, building his story as memories surface.

However there is tension for Jonah and Abigail. They are obviously falling for each other but it is apparent to them all that his way of life and theirs is not compatible. There were many instances where this proved so, but others where it showed a different side. My favorite moment was Jonah standing up to Abigail’s aunt Miriam.

There is a little suspense, especially at the end. Probably not in the strong way I am used to, however it was the insertion of Jonah into the Amish family and the tensions there of that held it together for me. I was especially interested in the quilt being made.

I was of course happy with how it all resolved and I have to say I just might want to read the next one about one of the other sisters, just to see how the family are doing.

5 thoughts on “The Memory Quilt. Leonora Worth”

  1. I don’t think I’ve read any Amish romance – espeically not where the Amish are the main characters. I love the memory quilt plot and always enjoy a little suspense. This sounds like a good read and one I should try!


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