Call of the Penguins. Hazel Prior

book cover

Published:Random House. UK
Date: 11th November 2021
Source:Publisher via NetGalley

At eighty-seven, Veronica McCreedy thinks her days of travelling the world are behind her. But when she’s invited to take part in a TV nature documentary that will take her across the globe filming her beloved penguins, she leaps at the prospect of a new adventure . . .

We first met 87 year old Veronica in in How the Penguins Saved Veronica  or as it is titled elsewhere Away With the Penguins. And now she is out on a new adventure to a different place this time and different penguins.

Veronica is a bit of a curmudgeon with a tough outward exterior, but really she has a soft centre. This time she is off to help present a documentary about penguins. We also meet up with Terry and her grandson Patrick who at the start of the story are back in Antartica. However soon Patrick is off delving into family history and trying to make sense of it and to come to terms with it.

In the same way as Patrick learns more, Veronica also has her way of seeing the past challenged. Meanwhile work with the penguins goes on as does filming. On the Falklands leg of the journey Daisy a young girl who has been through some severe cancer treatment is living out her dream of meeting up with penguins. Veronica and herself have a very special relationship.

The story is strongly environmental. There are so many kinds of penguin, and we along with Veronica fall for the breeds we are introduced to. In a way that twines a human interest story and an environmental one, we see the consequences of our thoughtless actions in a very concrete way.  And if you are like me you will be googling to see what each type of penguin looks like.

Call of the Penguins is another delightful read by Hazel Prior. While it does help to have read the previous book, it is not necessary, and a reader could easily pick up this one.  I really enjoyed reading about Veronica and her team’s further exploits, and was sorry to close the book on them.

8 thoughts on “Call of the Penguins. Hazel Prior”

  1. How have I not heard of this author or this series? It sounds wonderful. I will definitely have to look for How the Penguins Saved Veronica and this one. I love the sound of Veronica.


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