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Plans for Kindle Books in November

November is going to be a month when I catch up on a few of my books lurking on my Kindle. A mix of review books and ones I’ve bought.  These are the ones I’ll put first from my own books on Kindle. I prefer reading an actual paperback or hardback, but sometimes Kindle is the way to go and I am very thankful for it. But as Katherine from I Wish I Lived in a Library commented books on our Kindles do tend to fall into black holes. So I am delving in a little to the black hole this month.

The Quiet wardsA while back I decided I wanted to go back and read a good swag of Lucilla Andrews books – a British author who was a nurse in WW2.  I am wanting to read them in the order she wrote them and I think this is about #3. I’ve read a couple that come before. They aren’t related but I just want to see how her writing develops.  They were once hard to get hold of, but now they have been republished for Kindle so that has made them available.

This one is about dangerous drugs going missing.

book coverI always enjoy a Sarah Morgan book but when I buy it doesn’t mean I’ll read it so I am happy to single out this one for this November.

A light contemporary romance is usually very readable.

book cover

And Meg and Jo is another one I was keen to read but it got lost on my Kindle. Unseen is often forgotten.

A modern telling of the March Sisters from Little Women so I think I will certainly enjoy it.

Aunt Ivy's cottage

A couple of readers I follow recommended Aunt Ivy’s Cottage and well… it only appeared on my Kindle today when I noticed the price was reduced.  In the spirit of not letting in sink into the Kindle black hole, I intend to read it this month! So there is a cottage and a trunk and a diary in the mix and secrets into the light no doubt.

House BrokenThe cover looks cute but evidently this is a tough family story with alcohol involved. It is Sonja Yoerg’s debut novel and has been sitting on my Kindle for a few years now. So time to try it out.

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9 thoughts on “Plans for Kindle Books in November”

  1. If I absolutely had to name 5 non-review books on my Kindle I don’t think I could! It is definitely a black hole. This looks like a good mix. I’ve enjoyed Sarah Morgan’s book in the past and Aunt Ivy’s Cottage looks amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sarah Morgan book look good. I have a Sarah Morgan Christmas book to read either this month or next month. Enjoy your books.


  3. Oh, yes, I am familiar with that Kindle Black Hole! I participate in an event each week in which we search that black hole…and sometimes even read those lost books.

    I enjoyed Meg and Jo a while back. Hope you do, too. Love the look of Aunt Ivy’s Cottage.

    Enjoy November!


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