Once Upon a Wardrobe. Patti Callahan

book cover

Publisher: Harper Muse
Date: 19th October 2021
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

Megs Devonshire is brilliant with numbers and equations, on a scholarship at Oxford, and dreams of solving the greatest mysteries of physics.

She prefers the dependability of facts—except for one: the younger brother she loves with all her heart doesn’t have long to live. When George becomes captivated by a brand-new book called The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and begs her to find out where Narnia came from, there’s no way she can refuse.

Despite her timidity about approaching the famous author, Megs soon finds herself taking tea with the Oxford don and his own brother, imploring them for answers. What she receives instead are more stories . . . stories of Jack Lewis’s life, which she takes home to George.

Why won’t Mr. Lewis just tell her plainly what George wants to know? The answer will reveal to Meg many truths that science and math cannot, and the gift she thought she was giving to her brother—the story behind Narnia—turns out to be his gift to her, instead: hope.

Once Upon a Wardrobe what a mystical, magical and beautiful book. It sucked me in, and both warmed and wrung my heart out.

Meet George, a young boy with a heart condition that keeps him at home and will only leave him with a very short life. And Megs his older sister at Oxford, she who is all about mathematics and science and facts. However her brother George is an imaginative reader, who is grabbed by the book – The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. George wants to know where Narnia came from. Megs being the wonderful sister she is sets out to find out. She visits Jack Lewis and his brother Warnie and a huge adventure begins.

The power of story shines through.It takes time but Meg will come to see the power of what Jack says to her.  “The fantastic and the imaginative aren’t escapism. Good stories introduce the marvellous. The whole story paradoxically, strengthens our relish for real life. This excursion sends us back renewed pleasure to the actual world. It provides meaning”.  And in actual fact this book Once Upon a Wardrobe does exactly that. 

It makes a great Christmas story, a story of family, love, loss and courage. A book about story. At the end C. S. Lewis’ stepson says to read it, then set it aside and read it again later. It’s exactly what I will do.

8 thoughts on “Once Upon a Wardrobe. Patti Callahan”

    1. Katherine just a word of warning for you on Once Upon a Wardrobe as it does involve a very sick child. It may be one that could be a little too much for you at present. Not saying it will but just think about it before reading.


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