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Eyeing some books out in October

Yesterday I had a very pleasurable time looking at books being published in the next three months. I was quite surprised to see I could easily fill five from October I’ll most likely pre-order. Another couple I have for review so I didn’t count them. Oh yes some happy reading times in the future. Now I am not looking at what I already have!!

So this could have been a Christmas connect but for the first one, which has to stay right here! I’ll delve into the paranormal/urban fantasy for Nalini Singh any day.

It could also be books published on October 26th. What is it with that date!!

Covers are linked to Goodreads in case you want to know more.

Archangel's Light#14 in a series. This is the story of Ilium and Aodhan, two angels that are delightful but have tough back stories. I am really looking forward to their story and I am guessing seeing their great friendship taking a new tack in this book. Out October 26th.

The Christmas BookshopWhat a cover and of course the title. This looks like a stand alone book. It involves sisters, a bookshop and some romance. And it looks like around Christmas and set in Scotland. Need I say more! Well its by Jenny Colgan as well!  October 26th

Christmas in Peachtree BluffThis is #4 in a series. I haven’t really read the blurb, the author is enough and the series as well, for me to say okay that goes on my buy list. Obviously set in Christmas season as well and will be a continuing of the Murphy women’s lives.  October 26th.

The Secret of Snow
Again the author is enough for me to buy this one. I again haven’t read the blurb. This is what V Shipman says…

“My new book, The Secret of Snow, is more than just my first holiday novel. It’s a deeply personal story of family, faith, forgiveness, overcoming grief and second chances. It’s inspired by the tragic death of my brother, Todd, at an early age, and how we too often run from loss and hide from grief at the holidays. ”  October 26th.

The Christmas EscapeAnd from Sarah Morgan! Again an author favourite. Set in Lapland during Christmas. Again haven’t read the blurb, I don’t need to. I’ll read the book when I get it.  October 26th.

Are any of these on your list, or what is one you want from the October books being published?

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15 thoughts on “Eyeing some books out in October”

  1. These all look amazing! The Jenny Colgan is cover looks gorgeous and I always love her books. The Kristy Woodson Harvey one looks great too – I always expect her covers to be summery so seeing a gorgeous wintery one is a bit of a surprise. And of course Viola Shipman! I want all of these!

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