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Five Characters I Love

Five book characters I’d love to actually meet up with!

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from The Story of Arthur Truluv by Elizabeth Berg.

Arthur an elderly man and a great appreciator. He loved his wife Nola and goes to visit her grave each day and remembers the wonderful loving life they had together.  He is open to eighteen year old Maddy, who wears a ring in her nose, lost her mother at a very early age and has a father who is rather poor at being a father. But he looks with eyes of acceptance at Maddy and is willing to step up for her. He is caring for his elderly neighbour Lucille, especially in her time of great need. Arthur has a lot to teach me about life.

book coverSunshine. – from A Bad Day for Sunshine and a Good Day for Chardonnay. I’ve had two book dates with Sunshine in 2020, I can’t wait to make one in 2021. Sunshine is the sheriff of a small town, she has a delightful daughter and two supportive parents. A great love in her life although that’s complicated but developing. Sunshine is the best of mothers, a fair boss with an eye for great additions to the police force in town. She really goes the extra mile, she really cares. And she solves crimes!

book coverSophy from the Grand Sophy. Most likely Sophy is like many of Heyer’s heroines, but she sure is something. Things happen when she is around. She goes places women don’t, she drives and rides horses as well as any man. She is outspoken and speaks up and out. Vibrant and irrepressible. She is very caring and will risk herself for others when they need it. She can spot someone who is insincere. She mightn’t look perfect to the hoity toy, but I just thought she was a total delight.

book coverLt Sam Holland from Marie Forces series First Family a spin off from Fatal Affairs. Sam is a detective in charge of a homicide team. She is good at what she does, she follows up, goes the extra mile to solve the case. And… she supports her husband who has just landed the biggest job in the land. She is a great Mom to her found family, and very supportive of her friends.

book coverHelen from a Home Like Ours. She is in her mid fifties and is now in charge of a community garden. At one point she was homeless in spite of being well educated. She is spiky, tough talking and a no nonsense kind of person. Most of all I really like her for the way she invites a group of refugee women to take part in the garden and learn how to feed their families. Most of all I really was impressed by how she stood up for what was right and was ready to fight injustice.


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11 thoughts on “Five Characters I Love”

  1. I’m not familiar with any of these particular books, but I do always enjoy Elizabeth Berg’s novels and that sounds like a good one! I am overdue for a dose of her 🙂

    I would like to meet Harold Fry from Rachel Joyce’s novel The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry!

    What a fun list!


    Book By Book

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  2. I just listened to the first book in the Sunshine series and really enjoyed it! I can’t wait to pick up the 2nd book. I haven’t read any of the others though I really want to read the Georgette Heyer and the Marie Force.

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  3. This is a lovely theme!

    I still have Arthur Truluv on my TBR but yes! I would invite myself to your tea party with Sophy. I love Georgette Heyer.

    I don’t know the Darynda Jones series, but it seems delightful. I will take a look.

    Have a good weekend ahead! I’ve left my link in the link-up.

    Lots of Love,

    Mareli & Elza

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