Month in Review

August Reading Wrap Up.

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Total books read this month: 13

New to me authors:

Steven Rowley
Lea Wait
Ali Mc Namara

Top Book for August

Very hard to decide! I think I’ll just note that I really liked The Guncle and will be reading more by Steven Rowley. Told with great compassion and love.

book cover

I Was Reminded…

I really enjoy a good historical romance. They are such fun. The Lisa Kleypas book was delightful, and The Grand Sophy on audiobook was so entertaining. Light and fluffy sure, but made me laugh and that’s always a good thing.

Looking forward to reading in September from my bookshelf

I do have a load I’d like to read but as you’ll see for my goal for September other books come first.

book cover

Review of Reading Goals for August

My goal was just to read what I really wanted. So I only read books that I knew I didn’t have to review and I sunk into books I felt like reading as I chose the next book.

Main Reading Goals for September

Well now, I need to gain ground a little and read the review books I ignored in August and then the ones I had on my calendar for September as well.

Our library has now decided to change to the Libby app, so I want to explore that for library audio books to see if improved over last one. Plus I usually get two credits per month at Audible, I have 8 in hand and may just need to cut back to 1 credit a month. I have a heap in my library to listen to as well.

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15 thoughts on “August Reading Wrap Up.”

  1. Great reading month! Guncle sounds really good and I will see if I can find an excerpt. Looking at all the covers, I was surprised by how many had water pictured on them–any time a beach or pool is on a cover, I instantly want to know more about the book (beaches are my favorite places).

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  2. I have the first book in that Darynda Jones series on audio from my library! I’m hoping to finish up my current audio book tomorrow so I can start that one. So many great books! I really want to try The Guncle. It’s sounds fantastic!


  3. I like your August goals…and, of course, the September ones will definitely be more intense.

    Speaking of the Libby app, I have one on my phone, but I haven’t been able to use the library since I got a notice that my card expired (a few months ago!). And I didn’t know how to renew it without going into the library. Online, I’m sure. Anyway, I didn’t know that library cards ever expired! I think I’ve had this one for many years. ???

    Enjoy September!


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