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Sometimes a new to me author makes me want to think about what the author has written previously and I like to think about what I could read of theirs.

The GunkleI’ve been reading The Guncle by Stephen Rowley which is exploring some serious issues, mainly that of grief and loss but with some humour and great compassion. And the main character is so engaging.

It’s made me realise I’ll need to read another by Steven Rowley. I think my next one will be The Editor.

And then here are other authors who I have come across in recent years and am well into reading their back lists.

book cover

I’ve now read quite a few by Karen White but I have some to go and I’d like to keep reading anything she has written and at the moment I am working my way through the Tradd St series, but I have others of hers to read as well.


book cover

I have read the recent books by Viola Shipman but there are a couple of previous books that I’d like to catch up on. The Charm Bracelet and The Hope Chest.

book cover

When I read my first Katherine Center book How to Walk Away I knew I’d want to read anything else she has written. I have read her recent ones and have a few of her back list still to go. So I have chosen my next audiobook by her and it is called The Bright Side of Disaster. When I like an author I don’t even usually read the blurb – I just pick it up and read!

book cover

I picked this book by Liz Byrski, from a local bookshop based on the cover as you do! It brought me the happy acquaintance of a new to me author. I have since read I think at least one or two of her books and she does have a few back list books. I picked up three of them cheaply from the same bookshop recently. She lives in Australia and I think is of British origin. She writes women’s fiction and often has an older character in her books. She has a new one coming out in September I see. 

When I read a new author I don’t always start to note their backlist books. I guess it’s a good indication if I do, that I really liked their books. In the past I’ve found  author sand read everything by them. 

Who is an author that you have at present that you want to read all their backlist books?


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9 thoughts on “Authors’ Back Lists”

  1. Two new to me authors on this list! I’ve seen Guncle around but never paid attention to the author but I don’t think I’ve come across them before. Viola Shipman and Karen White are authors I really want to read more of!


  2. I love Joyce Maynard, and I think I have read all of her books! But I haven’t yet read all of Karen White’s books. I also love Katherine Center, and again, I think I’ve read them all. But I must check on that!



  3. I LOVE Karen White and use to be her reviewer for RT and I even got to meet her in person when my library district hosted an event for her.
    I also LOVE Viola Shipman and the book you’re showing The Recipe Box inspired me so much that I had a special hand carved Recipe Box made for my daughter, gathered recipes from friends and family to fill it as well as some I have from both of my grandmothers.
    Thanks for sharing Kathryn


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