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Reasons I Am Not Reading So Much

Recently I have noticed I am not reading as much, sometimes it even seems like a chore. I want to see what might be happening…

  1. I spend quite a bit of time quilting – it is my new hobby since I retired a few years ago. I love doing it, making quilts and giving them to people. I also love scrolling through fabric stores online, looking at colours and pretty designs. I sometimes  even buy some. It’s a bit like books – there are designers and they have new lines come out every so often. So tempting!
  2. I spend way to much time online – scrolling through places like Facebook and Instagram. Plus watching videos on You Tube. Mostly “how to” videos about quilting! Or sometimes other interests.
  3. I am walking every day which is great – early mornings are so fresh and mostly without any deterring wind. But… I’ve given up listening to audiobooks while I walk, I am preferring to just “be” and enjoy my surroundings and the peace and quiet… or noise of the traffic! So fewer audiobooks, plus listening time goes into podcasts, so many good ones.
  4. At night I find myself more tired thanI used to be,so when I pick up a book I can’t concentrate.  Sometimes in the early afternoonI am too heavy headed to read. So a little siesta is needed. I do get up at 6am every morning which works well, but it has some downsides.
  5. And then … too many books which creates unneeded self pressure to read them. I want to read all those books from the library and while I do keep review books to a limited number, I look at all my own books and I feel swamped.  Plus I am always picking up recommendations from bloggers and authors.

So it’s only a problem if its a problem to me, and it just natters away a bit at me. I am going to try a few things in the next weeks – August and see if it helps. Some things I don’t want to change but I may find other ways to get my reading mojo back.


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22 thoughts on “Reasons I Am Not Reading So Much”

  1. YAY 🎉 for quilting. School (in person) will start soon so lol have more reading time. I just borrowed two books from the library on my Kindle: Tokyo Ever After and Serpent and the Dove. Need to start them.

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  2. I totally understand! (except about quilting – I can barely sew a button back on! lol) Wonderful that you are walking so much, and I totally get the need to just immerse yourself in the peace of nature. I have that struggle between audio book time, podcast time, and just “being” while I walk, too (though I mostly listen to audios around the house while cooking, doing laundry, weeding, etc)

    And, I SO get the pressure of the growing stacks of books!! I actually stopped buying books for myself about 10 years ago (except on rare occasions if we are traveling (not at the moment) and find a great indie bookstore). But I am still losing the battle, and my TBR bookcase gets more and more overstuffed! We always give each other stacks of books for holidays and birthdays, and while my husband usually only reads his own (thrillers mostly), i often read mine AND his! So, I get it.

    Bottom line is that it’s YOUR life, so do the things you enjoy and lose the pressure 🙂 Reading is supposed to be fun!

    Great, thoughtful post, Kathryn.


    2021 Big Book Summer Challenge


  3. Your reasons sound good and right for you which is important.
    Someday I may finish a many year’s languishing needlepoint. I could still listen while working on it. 🙂 I should be walking but I’m not really a morning person and it is too warm even by 8am. I love listening at anytime.
    As someone else mentioned, we should be able to do those things that bring us joy.

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  4. Oh I have been there (except for the quilting though I do love quilts)! I think reading comes in phases and it’s always best not to force it. Reading is supposed to be fun! I love that when you take your walks you’re enjoying just being. That sounds very peaceful. I bet your reading will pick up once you give yourself a break!

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    1. Katherine I think you are so right. I plan to only read what I really want and get back to other books when I have the inspiration to do so. Sometimes I think even no reading for a few days is a good cure!


  5. I am with you on this one. I have plans for a memorial quilt. Just need to do it. And I am hoping once it cools off I will get out more. My book reading has been slow as best : not finding much I am excited about lately. May need to change it up some. Hopefully I will find some motivation.

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    1. Lisa a memorial quilt is so good. My sister did two with my Dad’s shirts for two of my brothers. I have been doing ones for our mother, but more pictorial, like the things she loved ( children/grandchildren etc) and was good at. Onto my #3 one.


  6. With the exception of #1 (I’d be a horrible quilter), I relate to the rest of your dilemmas too. As of now, I follow way too many podcasts, have way too many books on my to-read list and on my nightstand, etc. Having too many wonderful options isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does make it difficult to make choices, which can feel tiring. I haven’t figured out the total solution yet. 🙂


  7. Can so relate Kathryn – especially to 2 and 4. But you have some great hobbies – quilting and walking. The walking will help your body and mind. The quilting is something I so want to start – I’ve only collected ideas and material. Reading will always be there waiting when you have more time.


    1. Thanks Bev, I don’t want to give up reading but I want to be wiser about my time and what I read I think. I believe you’d love quilting, I only learned by watching videos and then trying it out and I am so addicted now. Plus very relaxing.


  8. Oh! I can so relate to your list! I seem to be more in a reading and slow stitching season, rather than machine stitching. Oh boy! I can certainly relate to #5! Looking forward to learning what changes you make in August – should you decide to share!
    Good idea to just be on your walks!


    1. Thanks Mia, yes why do we think we can read all the. books we want, there are just too many good ones but we have limits. And yes I love my quiet reflective walks now.


  9. I can relate, especially to #4. I’m so tired in the evenings I just want to go to sleep early. I don’t have as much audiobook time since it’s too hot to get out and walk. Do you listen to audiobooks while quilting?


  10. There is nothing wrong with widening your horizons Kathryn and you may find when you do get back to reading more you’ll be picking up new genres too. Plus you deserve to do what you want now xo

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  11. I have been reading less this whole year, but I am picking books that I enjoy, so that works for me. I also like watching movies and shows online.

    Now that I am pretty settled into my new place, I plan to do more walking. But in the cooler part of the day! Yesterday I felt overheated from walking to the mailbox at noon.

    We have to pace ourselves and pick the activities that give us joy…and not in the “Marie Kondo” way, lol.

    Quilting sounds like a good activity for you. Enjoy!

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    1. Thanks Laurel-Rain yes – pacing ourselves is important, and picking books I feel I enjoy is important. Thats what I am going to do for August and see how I am at the end of the month with reading.


  12. I bet a lot of book bloggers relate to how you’re feeling at one time or another. I know I have! I hope you can find a way to slow things a bit and still enjoy what makes you happy.

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