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I have too many good books to read! I have those library books mentioned last week. Plus it seems to have been a big buying month! Sometimes the bug hits. It is going to be awhile before I get to these but I am so wanting to.

The GunkleA gay uncle has to look after his niece and nephew for the summer. I heard about this on a book podcast and I really want to read it sooner rather than later. I haven’t read Steven Rowley yet, I did intend to, so I can start with this one.

When Stars CollideI have recently bought this one too and I really, really want to read it soon. SEP’s latest romance between an opera singer and a back up quarterback. I am a die hard fan. Out of the five, when I get a chance this will be the first one.

The Player Next DoorI also am a fan of Canadian author K. A. Tucker and I need an author with same initials as me for a challenge. Well I don’t have an A. but I consider the K and the T reason enough!  It is a romance as well. I didn’t even really read what its about, just the author’s name is enough!

Don't tellDon’t Tell is the first one in Karen Rose’s romantic suspense series. I’ve read some of the later ones, but I want to go back and start the series. I probably won’t get onto it for awhile but I have this one and the second one. However the latest one comes out early August and I suspect I’ll read that one first when it publishes.

The Book ClubThis was close to an accidental buy. I had put it in my wish list after what Irish blogger/reader Trish had to say about this on IG or Facebook. Can’t remember. It was sitting in the list beside a book I intended to buy. I must have accidentally put this one in the cart and saw it only after I’d paid. I didn’t want to go through the rigmarole of changing it, so I left it. It will be good I am sure, I haven’t read anything by the author yet. Was published in June 2021 by Irish author Roisin Meaney. Well I mean, look at the title!!


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13 thoughts on “Recently Bought Books”

  1. Oooh, looks like you have some fun books to look forward to! The Guncle sounds great!

    I stopped buying books for myself many years ago, for both economic and space reasons! But, somehow, my TBR bookcase just keeps getting more and more overstuffed, between gifts, lends, library, and older review books. My husband and I always give each other a stack of books for every birthday and holiday, and I usually read both mine and most of his, so I can;t catch up!

    Enjoy these!


    2021 Big Book Summer Challenge

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  2. Oh I’m always on the lookout for some really good reads, not like I have any books waiting on my shelf right LOL. SEP is an auto buy for me so that’s going on my shelf and I LOVE K A Tucker she’s awesome. Thanks for sharing

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  3. Book hauls are always such fun and this one looks like a good one! I’ve heard great things about The Gruncle and it’s been ages since I’ve read Susan Elizabeth Phillips but I used to love her books. K.A. Tucker is on my Must Try Authors list but I haven’t picked up any of her books. Hope you enjoy them all! And glad I’m not the only one guilty of accidentally buying a book! I’ve done the same thing a time or two.

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  4. How serendipitous that you found The Book Club in your cart! Now I want to know what you think of it.

    As for K.A. Tucker, I’ve been eyeing her books for a while, and I like the reason you picked it. I am drawn in by names of authors, too. Or characters whose names appeal to me.



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