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Library Pile Up.

I had planned to read two or maybe three library books this month. But now I have a pile up and while I am just finishing one, and have another ready to start reading tomorrow, now I need to go collect five more. I may or may not get to them before having to return  them.

I will prioritise those that have someone else after me on the reserve list. If no reserves there is a good chance I can renew them and keep them longer. I’ll do my best to read them all because I want to. Meanwhile all the ones I bought recently. plus all the old TBR ones wait!!

I also went nuts asking for a number of quilting books from other libraries. I have six to collect. They are pleasure browsing ones so that’s okay. But it makes 11 books sitting on the library shelf waiting for me to collect. Bliss!

Digging Up DirtBy Australian author Pamela Hart. It is the start of a new mystery series and involves a renovation of a heritage house and the finding of a dead body.

Five copies of this and I think they are all out and I am the only reserve. Safe to say I can put this near the end.

Rachel to the RescueThis sounds good and I saw it at least in one place (Laurel Rain’s blog). Rachel Klein is sacked from her job at the White House after she sends an email criticising Donald Trump. As she is escorted off the premises she is hit by a speeding car, driven by what the press will discreetly call ‘a personal friend of the president’. 

No reserves at the moment so doesn’t have to be read straight away. Library has two copies.

The Sweet Taste of MuscadinesThis is a debut novel I mentioned earlier in the year and I’ve been waiting for it to be available at the library.

Women’s fiction with some suspense. Two copies at the library, the other one will be due in before mine so that should protect me if someone else wants to read it before I get to it.

The Kitchen frontI’ve enjoyed the couple of other books by this author and so I’ve seen some of you say this was good and I want to read it.

Four women compete for a spot hosting a wartime cookery program called The Kitchen Front – based on the actual BBC program of the same name – as well as a chance to better their lives.

Two copies and while no one has it on reserve now, my copy will come due first so needs to be read earlier rather than later.

Twisted threadsThe first in a mystery series recommended by Katherine over at I wish I lived in a library!

Set in Maine and involves a needle pointing business. I don’t do that craft but its rather pretty. If I had time! Next life!

Angie is returning home after the remains of her mother are discovered.

One copy. I am the only one wanting it, and as written in 2015 probably I won’t be hassled by anyone else wanting it immediately.


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12 thoughts on “Library Pile Up.”

  1. These all look interesting. I’m the same way with my library books. I picked up 10 books yesterday – and still have a large number already. So now prioritizing by date/reserve as well. Happy reading!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Digging Up Dirt looks like a book I’d love! I need to see if I can get it here. The Kitchen Front is on my TBR. I read one book by that author that I absolutely adored but haven’t read any of her other books. And I have The Sweet Taste of Muscadines is on my TBR. I hope you enjoy Twisted Threads. Angie’s a little grittier then the usual cozy heroine but I do enjoy it. I love the stuff about the antique samplers in the chapter headings.


  3. This all look good! I especially like the sound of Twisted Threads, but I am a big cozy fan. Rachel to the Rescue is new to me but I definitely will have to look for that one. I hope you are able to get to all of these and enjoy them! Have a great weekend, Kathryn.

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      1. Lisa I guess I can call myself a quilter! When I retired from teaching six years ago I took up quilting and love it. I have made a couple of bed quilts but mostly I make throw / lap quilts. Has become addictive as reading!


  4. I hope you enjoy these! I really liked Rachel to the Rescue, and I’m eyeing Twisted Threads, as I’m needed a good cozy right now. Digging up Dirt is also going on my list. Thanks!


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