Month in Review

June Reading Round Up



Total books read this month: 10

New to me authors:

Angeline Boulley

Top Book for June

I had some really good books that could be right in this spot, but this one for me just pips them out.

book cover

Review of Reading Goals June 2021

Read another book or at least give it the 25 page test to decide whether I keep going or not. from    Sorting My TBR: April – Stay or Go   

I did look at one and gave it a few page test and then put it in the bag for the book fair. And it has been dropped off!

Main Reading Goals for July

  1. Read one more from.    Sorting My TBR: April – Stay or Go   
  2. Read two and maybe three books from the library. Well that was the plan but a whole lot have suddenly been dropped with my name on them. I’ll see what I can get through, I won’t pick them up till the weekend, which will give me a little time.
  3. Read one from my TBR Kindle that is off a list of one author whose books I want to read through.
  4. Read two in total (includes the one mentioned in #1, from my TBR shelf and three from my review shelf.

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15 thoughts on “June Reading Round Up”

  1. Firekeeper’s Daughter blew me away–I went into it blind and still can’t believe the powerful writing and subject matter was penned by a debut author. This book sits on my favorites shelf and I still think about it. Hands down my favorite book of 2021. And the coolest part is the author is from my home state and I’ve actually visited Sault Ste. Marie.

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  2. Looks like a wonderful reading month! Did you see that Lucinda Riley’s family has announced that they’ve brought someone on to finish the Pa Salt book? I’m cautiously optimistic. I think it’ll help that it’s not the story of one of the sisters so a slightly different style will be okay.

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    1. Yes I did hear something. I think it will be her son, who works for the BBC and interviewed her – saw the interview on You Tube. On The Missing Sister. Hope it will be good, she would have told him where the story was going, maybe left some info.


  3. What a great reading month! I was supposed to get Fire Keeper’s Daughter in my book subscription box but it got lost in the mail. I’m hoping to still pick it up sometimes soon! Happy reading in July. 🙂

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  4. Sounds like you had a great month of reading. That is a good idea to go through that TBR pile and see if you like a book or not. Too bad that you didn’t like the book but now you can read something that you want to.

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    1. Thanks Viki. I just wish I could get to that TBR pile better than I do. Finding I don’t want to read a book is good because as you say I can read one I really want to.


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