Month in Review

May Reading Round Up.

Total books read this month: 12

New to me authors:

Debra Webb
Ellery Adams
Kaui Mart Hemmings

Top Book for May

Nine of the books I read above could qualify for this. I am going to choose the one that most surprised me as being enjoyable and different.

These Old Shades

Looking forward to reading in June

Review of Reading Goals 2021

GR Challenge: 18 books ahead of my challenge of 100 for the year.

Enjoyment v Should: Just about every  one of the books this month was totally enjoyment based.

Recommendations: I know Mary from Bookfan recommended Debra Webb and now I am going to want to read all the books in this series!

TBR/Library portion. Two books from library. One from print TBR shelf.

Any buying…. Oh dear – yes!  Well I think I’ll just keep buying. It often takes a long time for the library to order and obtain it and sometimes I am not so keen on waiting.

Main Reading Goal for May

  •  Read one of the books I mentioned in my Friday Post Sorting My TBR: April – Stay or Go   I read The Possibilities, a somewhat different book about a mother coming to terms with grief. I liked it but didn’t love it.
  • Pick five books on the read section of my bookshelf to put in the bag for the book fair. I did pick out five or maybe even six and put them in the bag to go to the book fair!

Main Reading Goals for June

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12 thoughts on “May Reading Round Up.”

  1. My was a great reading month for you–the covers are so pretty! The Viola Shipman book is one I definitely want to read–it’s set on a Michigan beach, I believe, and Michigan beaches are my happy place.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great reading for the month Kathryn. Love several of these authors – more to add to my TBR list for sure. Congrats on your goals. Happy reading in June.


  3. I so enjoyed Heather Webber’s previous novel and can’t wait to read her new book! And I’m glad (and relieved) you enjoyed Debra Webb’s book 😊


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