Books I Have my Sights On.

At this time of year its a great time for books and of course my eyes are always bigger than my reading capacity. But I still have to have them!

When Stars CollideThis one publishes at the end of June. I will most likely buy it on Kindle and later get it in paperback. It is another book in Susan Elizabeth Phillips Chicago Stars series. I have read all the others. This has an international opera singer and a football player of some sort. Contemporary romance.

What a Happy FamilyLast year I enjoyed Well Behaved Indian Women by this author. and I ‘d like to read this year’s one publishing in June. It is about an American -Indian family. It’s not at my library so I think I need to put in an order!

Incense and SensibilityThis one comes out early July and I will either buy it on Kindle or listen on audio.  This one is #3 in the Indian Raje family who live in America. I really enjoy this author.

Hana Khan Carries OnI enjoyed Ayesha at Last last year by this author and so I decided to buy this one. It is on the way to me.  It is set in Toronto and has a Muslim character. It is slotted as a romantic comedy, but if its like Ayesha at Last it will not be a daft one!

The Moon over Kilmore Bay This book publishes later this month and I have it pre-ordered it. I have come to enjoy this Irish author and so I pretty much automatically buy her books. It is about some one returning home but have to wait and see exactly what it’s all about!


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16 thoughts on “Books I Have my Sights On.”

  1. Oh these all look fabulous! I have so many books that I probably won’t have to read but I refuse to think about it! I fully believe that I will get all of them read one day.

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  2. I know that feeling all too well–so many books I want to read right now but I just don’t have the reading capacity. We do the best we can though, don’t we? And enjoy the journey. 🙂 All of these sound good. I really want to read Hana Kahn Carries On and Incense and Sensibility. I hope you have a great weekend and week, Kathryn!


  3. Hi Kathryn! I don’t recognize any of your titles but I am very interested in The moon over Kilmore Quay.

    I hope you get to rea them all soon! Nothing like hoping for a new book.

    Enjoy a good weekend!

    Elza Reads


  4. Good instinct on Hana Khan Carries On. There are funny moments, but there is so much more. I am looking forward to Incense and Sensibility, too.

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