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Sorting my TBR April: Stay or Go

I have about 100 actual books on my bookshelf that I haven’t read. Do I still want to read them with all the new books being published and its challenging enough to keep up with them. Besides if I move some on, then I have an empty space on my bookshelf and it awaits something new.

I didn’t do that well, however taking five out and looking again at them, at least puts them in my thoughts and the likelihood of picking them up reasonably soon to read. By read I mean I’ll give them the first twenty five page test to see if I want to continue.

Making your mind upI like Jill Mansell but this one just feels old in terms of condition and I don’t think I’d enjoy reading it for that reason. So out it goes. I got it at a book fair so no loss. I have enjoyed some of Jill Mansell’s books before.

How Hard Can it Be? How Hard Can it Be?  is a Maybe, so back on the shelf. It’s about a fifty year old finding herself. It may have a rom comedy aspect, not sure and if I don’t like it after twenty or so pages I’ll send it on.  I’ve never read Allison Pearson. I picked this one up cheap at the bookshop.

Dune RoadI like the blurb on the back of Dune Road, its set in Connecticut and is about someone with new lease of life after divorce. I will certainly give this one a good go. I did get it at the book fair, but still in reasonably good condition. I have liked some of Jane Green’s books previously.

It's the Little ThingsIt’s the Little Things about three people who survive the Boxing Day tsunami and the years that follow. Another book fair buy. I will give this one a read as well. I don’t think I have read an Erica James book before, not sure.

The PossibilitiesThis is one I picked up at the bookshop, has a $34.99 price tag!  Why did I buy it? No idea! It’s about a woman who has lost her son in an avalanche. I’ll try this one too, the money outlay is enough to persuade me, but the story itself sounds readable.  I haven’t read this author before.


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15 thoughts on “Sorting my TBR April: Stay or Go”

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  2. I think I’d pass on the Jill Mansell too. I’ve enjoyed the books by her that I’ve read but they just haven’t been appealing to me lately. It’s hard to go through books! I can give away books I’ve read but ones I haven’t are a struggle.


  3. Very organized, and only 100! Not bad! 😉 I liked How Hard Can It Be, but not as much as I Don’t Know How She Does It. You don’t have to read the first to enjoy the second, though.


  4. This is a task I really need to do. I went through several boxes (!) I had last year and went from 3 to 1. But really – if they’re in a box and not only shelf, will I ever read them. A couple of the books you shared look interesting – Pearson’s and James’ books for sure.


  5. Good job. Mine is a mess and it’s only getting worse with this past and current year and all the tragic things in my life. One day i will get back up and running 🙂


  6. I have enjoy all the Erica James book that I read ( I think I read about two of her books and love both of the book) so hopefully you will like it when you read it.

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  7. The thing about tracking the print volumes: they are visible, and perhaps more likely for me to read them. Eventually. I just counted 30 still unread, with nine on my nightstand, which suggests that I am considering them soon.

    As for e-books, those are harder to track…out of sight and all. But I do have my lists on my Curl up and Read blog, which I check weekly for the Backlog meme!

    Let’s hope we find good books to read soon!

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  8. I have a few Mansell books on my kindle but still haven’t read her yet! Thanks for the reminder. I’ve got a bunch of books on my shelves (accumulated since starting to blog). I need to ask myself if I still want to read them. Thanks for the nudge 😊

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