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Recommended (or Not) Reads by Other Readers

My goal this year is to note who I got the recommendation from that interested me in a book. That is… most likely I read their review and fell for it.

book cover From Mary from Bookfan is where I heard of this book. Then as I marked I was reading it on Goodreads I looked down the list of readers I follow,  and so many of them had loved it. So into it I put my reader’s nose.

Really enjoyed this heart warming story of family and a small town. Some magical realism which was downright delicious. Loved the characters, didn’t want the story to end. Would read anything more that Heather Webber writes in this kind of genre – magical realism, southern fiction.

book coverCharlotte by Helen Moffett comes recommended by Shelleyrae from Book’d Out. It is a spin off from Pride and Prejudice and takes up Charlotte’s story as Mrs Collins.

It is very well written and stays reasonably true to Jane Austen’s world. However there are inclusions that maybe Jane would have left out! I liked how Charlotte’s story was developed, quite realistic and possible. 

book cover Wrong Alibi is by Christina Dodd and I picked it up because Susan Elizabeth Phillips recommended it. And it didn’t hurt that Elizabeth from Silvers Reviews liked it a lot as well.  It is suspense and a wrong accusation set in Alaska.

This was a good read, it hooked me in straight away. I loved the main character Petie who had so many challenges to face and who grew up fast. Some murder, a little surprise here and there and some family regrouping. Will certainly want to try the next one. This one published at end of 2020 so guess its a little way away!

book coverThis Side of Murder wasn’t exactly recommended but the second one in the series was loved by Katherine from I Wish I lived In a Library. To read that one I wanted to start with the first one in the series.  I have since read the second one and it was really very good.

Set in England in 1919 on an island a group of people meet for a celebration. Or is it! Verity Kent lost her husband in WW1 and she is among some of his fellow officers and soldiers. It is full of intrigue and murder. It was a little slow getting into it, but that could have been my tiredness rather than the book. It sure builds to a climax and we eventually find out who is behind treason and murder. A series to follow up on.

book cover The Four Winds is the most recent book by Kristin Hannah.  It’s set in the 1930’s and explores the Depression era in the Great Plains on a farm.

I thought this might be a bit too sad reading for myself but I did buy the audiobook for one of my sisters who reads much more challenging books than I.

However I was rather shattered by her verbal, might I suggest brutal review. It was not a book for her!  So now I think I’d better take it back and see for myself. She said

Rather Mills and Boonsy, and nothing happens and I just couldn’t go any further than Chapter 20. And I wouldn’t even listen to the end to see what happens to her because I just couldn’t care about her!

 I look non plussed at all the four and five star reviews on GR of people I follow. 55 users even tag it literary fiction.  So Mills and Boonsy ( = Harlequin) doesn’t seem to have any tags. So I am putting it back on my TBR although it will be down the track as have others in my line up.

Have you read it?


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11 thoughts on “Recommended (or Not) Reads by Other Readers”

  1. Oooh, what a fun topic! Some new book recommendations for me … and new book bloggers I didn’t know as well!

    I haven’t read the latest Kristin Hannah yet, but I have loved the other novels of hers I’ve read (4, I think), and I have heard nothing but RAVE reviews of Four Winds. Everyone has different tastes, though this one seems to have a big following. You’ll have to see for yourself whether you like it!


    Book By Book

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  2. This Side of Murder is definitely a slower read then the rest of the series because of all the setup but I’m glad you enjoyed it nonetheless. Mary had me adding Midnight at the Blackberry Cafe to my TBR and Charlotte sounds like a book I’d love.

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  3. Well I lOVED Four Winds but let me be perfectly honest its not for everyone. I would rate it as literary fiction and I see that Library Journal, Kirkus and Publishers Weekly agree with me. There is a LOT of what really happened back then and it was not scaled down. It was brutally honest with a big focus on brutal. You did mention on my review that you weren’t sure if it was for you.

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  4. This Side of Murder is so good! I haven’t yet picked up the second book in the series but am looking forward to reading it. I’ve been hearing a smattering of negative thoughts about Four Winds after the initial “love it” comments. I don’t know if that’s one I will pick up to read. I have a couple of Hannah’s other books still to get to which have been better received all around.

    I really need to become better about keeping track of who recommends what book. I’m so bad about that.

    Have a great weekend, Kathryn!

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