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Listening is Reading.

I like to listen to books, and have quite a library of them now. Recently I have been making use of some of the series sale at Audible, which means I have more than I can listen to at the moment. I seem also to be gathering cozy mysteries this way. Maybe 2021 is the year of the Cozy Mystery for me.

Cruel Winter This is #5 in a series. No I haven’t read any others and I won’t listen to this one until I come to it most likely.  It is set in County Cork.

This isn’t one I bought, part of the Included, which means I can borrow it for as long as I like. So there is time to reach it.

book cover

This is #6 in the Royal Spyness series and I have listened to the previous five. They are good fun and generally have a good mystery. Also lighthearted.

book cover Another series I haven’t tried and this is #1 in the Liz Talbot series. Set in South Carolina. 

book cover

This is #1 in the Fixer Upper series. A High End Finish by Kate Carlisle. This is the one I will start with.

book cover

And this one is #1 in a series by the same title as the book. Nora the owner of a bookshop can prescribe the right book for a person evidently. 


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10 thoughts on “Listening is Reading.”

  1. I enjoy listening to audiobooks from time to time but don’t get the opportunity to often, especially since the start of the pandemic. You’ve got a lot of great titles here! I love cozy mysteries. I haven’t read any of the ones you list, but most are on my wish list or TBR shelf. I really want to read the Ellery Adams series. I hope you enjoy all of these!

    Have a great weekend, Kathryn. Thanks for hosting! (And I agree; listening counts as reading!)

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  2. Hi Kathryn! I love the High-End series. They made a few movies based on these books on the Hallmark Mystery channel starring Jewel (the musician). I’m not sure if you get that channel but they follow the books fairly closely. I’ve been enjoying the Royal Spyness books, too. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. I can imagine the High End Fixer Upper series would make good TV viewing. We don’t have that channel here but you never know when it might appear somewhere online. The Royal Spyness series is fun. I love that Englishness!

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