Month in Review

February Reading Wrap

Total books read this month: 10

New to me authors:

Heather Webber.      Helen Moffett

Eileen McNamara.    Barack Obama

Top Book for February

Review for this book will up in next day or two.

book cover

Looking forward to reading in March

Review of Reading Goals 2021

GR Challenge : 6 ahead.

Enjoyment v Should: Definitely enjoyment on all the above books this month.

Recommendations: I am keeping track, I don’t add many recommendations but usually follow up on those I am really interested in.

TBR/Library portion: 3 of the 10 were library books.  5 books of the 10 were off my own TBR shelf.  2 were review books.

Any buying: Well yes I did buy a couple. One the latest Gary D Schmidt book and Surviving Savannah by Patti Callahan. I guess that’s restrained. Although I do feel a spree coming on!

Main Reading Goal for March.

Find a book with a diary embedded in it somewhere and read it. I am doing one semi challenge this year in Emilie Richard’s readers group on Facebook. It’s very low key. Any suggestions gratefully received, I can think of some but I’ve read them already!

Linking up with Nicole from FeedYourFiction Addiction.


8 thoughts on “February Reading Wrap”

  1. You had an excellent reading month. A Promised Land is high on my list and I hope to check it out of my library this summer. I’ve never tried reading a cozy mystery before despite mysteries being my favorite genre.

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  2. I’m looking forward to Surviving Savannah. My daughter read it last week and her guest review will be on my blog next week. I hope March is a great month of reading, Kathryn!


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