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Garden Books.

I am not a gardener although there are plenty in my family who are and my forebears were gardeners too. Most of my garden is very dry at present, and I do have a small veggie garden. Love picking from that.

There have been quite a few books I’ve read that have almost at centre stage – a garden.

book cover The Unfinished Garden is the author’s debut novel and the only one I hadn’t read of hers until now. Tilly the main woman character is into gardens and garden and loves it. Both in North Carolina where she has a business and in her home in England where she spends some time as well. Then there is James who wants Tilly’s help with a garden for his place. He has OCD and can’t put his hands near the earth. This book I think is titled The Unfinished Garden because a garden is never finished. How true!  Barbara Claypole White always presents a very compassionate stance towards her characters with mental illness and I always love her knowledge and the help she provides her readers to take these people into their hearts.

book coverA Home Like Ours also has a special Australian garden at its centre. It’s very important and brings a community together. My review for this one will be up soon. It was a 5 star read for me.

book coverThis was an engrossing tale, told from a few different viewpoints and times. The story and mystery unfold – the reader has enough clues to see what has happened before the characters. Its both sad and and uplifting. What a complicated family! It involves a kind of secret garden.

book cover

The Garden of Happy Endings  involves sisters and a community garden in a poor part of town. I loved this story, so thoughtful and enjoyable. Loved the  women and each of their stories. Their search and exploration of what makes them happy was important. I especially appreciated Elsa’s journey – her spiritual one and her search for her partner in life. Felt very real and authentic.

book coverThe Garden of Small Beginnings by Abbi Waxman. Witty and insightful. Wonderful group of characters. Two sisters, well two sets of sisters who made me laugh and at times sad. A group of people who come together around a gardening project and form what I think will be lasting friendships. Tons of good hints about gardening.

There is another book I’ll be wanting to read… The Last Garden in England by Julia Kelly which comes well recommended.


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15 thoughts on “Garden Books.”

  1. I’ve read the third book; yeah that one was sad. I do want to read her The Clockmaker’s Daughter which started off interestingly. The fourth book sounds good; my type of read.


  2. The only one of these I’ve read is The Forgotten Garden which I adored but I want to read the rest. Even though my thumb is decidedly not green I love books about gardens. Have you read The Last Garden in England by Julia Kelly? I think you might enjoy that one!


  3. I’ve read the first and the last two – loved them all!
    The other day my son-in-law and I talked about what we want to plant in our gardens this spring. I’m aiming for cherry tomatoes, zucchini and lettuce.


    1. Good plan for the garden. I like tomatoes and have some plus green beans. Also carrots, parsnips and silver beet! I sometimes plant a bit of lettuce. It’s so good to pick from own vegetable garden. Now my sister has what they call a vegie pod which is on legs and has a cover and self waters. Maybe one day!

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  4. A great topic to get us ready for spring! I am not a gardener at all, which would explain how bare my yard is. I do have roses which survive in spite of me. Haha

    I do love looking at beautiful gardens though. And reading books set in and around them. I haven’t read any of the five you mention here but will have to check them out. Thank you for sharing!

    Have a great weekend, Kathryn!

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  5. I am not a gardener, but I do love them! In the 70s, we had a vegetable garden, and I enjoyed the bounty from it.

    I have loved books by Barbara Claypole White, Abbi Waxman, Barbara O’Neal, and Kate Morton, so these books with gardens at the center sound delightful. I like the look of the Fiona Lowe book, too, and want to give her books a try.

    Thanks for sharing.

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