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Romance Books : Reading Joy.

I was once a very avid romance reader, although now its women’s fiction that has taken its place. I happen to like a happy ending kind of book, and at least a promise of happiness.

These are some of my favourite contemporary books that  I have copies of sitting on my shelf, mostly from the past. I still read the occasional recent romance but nothing that really fully satisfies.

Since its February and I missed out on the Valentine theme last week I thought I’d take it up this week.

book coverLong before Virgin River became a Netflix series I had read Virgin River and… all the books that followed. Quite a few as three came out every year for awhile. Robyn Carr writes a good story and there was lots of romance along the way.First Lady

I’ve also read all Susan Elizabeth Phillips books, every single one of them. I think First Lady would be my favourite. The First Lady escapes and journeys around the country with a Dad and two daughters in a motor home. SEP does have a new romance out this year and of course I’ll buy and read it!

book cover I loved all Judith McNaught’s books, and this is one of her contemporary romances. It’s been sitting on my shelf for years along with a number of others written by her. I have no idea now about it so should really reread it to see if I still love it.

book cover

Well this is one by Jessica Bird.  Later on she writes as J. R. Ward. I found all her Jessica Bird books and loved them. Another one I should reread to see how I feel about it now. I think this was her debut book, according to someone on GR. I am not sure but anyway I have them and they still sit on my shelves.

book cover This one is more recent and is YA and contemporary romance. K. A. Tucker has hooked me with a number of her books and I loved this one when I read it in 2019. I have to admit I could easily read it again now, and its why I saved it on my shelf.


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10 thoughts on “Romance Books : Reading Joy.”

  1. Romance novels are fun, but a lot of them have little substance. Years ago I got some of those short cheap Christian romances (think red cover Harliquins with churchgoing and no bedroom scenes). They were what they were, which is basically what I said in the review. In fact in my review I talked about how you could go out to eat at McDonalds or at a white tablecloth restaurant. While both are good in their own way, if you want one and get the other you aren’t going to be happy. The author wasn’t happy. Oh well. Like you I’ve found that women’s fiction has a little more substance but still gives me my HEA.

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  2. I will have to give some of these a try. I took a break from romance novels for many years. I still tend to gravitate more towards romance with other elements–urban fantasy/paranormal or a mystery, for example. I like women’s fiction because it often has those romance elements but with more of a focus on life’s struggles. But sometimes a straight forward romance is just what I am looking for. I hope you have a great weekend, Kathryn! Thank you for hosting!

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  3. I used to read romances almost exclusively for a number of years and now I hardly read any. Robyn Carr and SEP were two of my favorite authors. I might take a page from your post and write about my favorite romance authors, too. I’m also enjoying women’s fiction more these days than straight romance. Every now and then I try reading a romance and lots of times there’s just not enough to keep me interested. I also like a happy ending and I don’t mind some romance in other genres I read as long as it doesn’t take over the story! I’ve definitely read more women’s fiction in the last year of lockdowns and pandemic.

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