Month in Review

January Reading Wrap

Total books read this month: 11

New to me authors:

Farid Almed

Top Book for January

Every read was really good. All books that are “me”.  Hard to choose a top book but for its exploration of heart transplant issues and a good story with great characters this one just tops the others.

Book cover

2021 Reading Intentions  January Update.

Read What I Truly Enjoy. Enjoyed every book and only read what I wanted to read.

Use the Library and only buy when I need to. Library : 5

That is a satisfactory amount. I did buy some for later reading because the library doesn’t have them. The Residence was one on Kindle that I bought – forgot to check if the library had it.  Oops that would be 5 books bought!!
Read Own print and Kindle shelves:  3 paperbacks off my own shelf which is good. Would have liked to read at least one Kindle one!

Incoming Books for January


From NetGalley

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12 thoughts on “January Reading Wrap”

  1. Eleven books is excellent. I want to read Love at First too. I have been checking out lots of picture books to study from my library–I’m so happy we have a great library system. My dream is to have picture books published someday and am querying agents now. I hope your February has been another great reading month for you.

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