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Cozy Series I Am Reading

I haven’t given much attention to Cozy Mysteries but I am finding more time for them in my reading life. These are the ones I am enjoying and catching up on at the moment. I’ll try not to get into any more until I’ve read through some of these. I like starting from the beginning of a series. Just one of those things!

Her Royal Spyness Series

I am on #5 of this series and so far have listened to them on audio.  Georgie the heroine is about 30 something in line to the throne in England. She is a very poor member of the aristocracy, but that doesn’t stop her from becoming involved in solving murders. I see it goes up to #15. Not sure if I will get that far!

Kat Holloway Mysteries.

book cover Murder in the East End was the last one I read – it’s #4. Again its set in England and has an Upstairs/Downstairs feel to it. Kat Holloway is the cook, quite young and very astute.As well there is Daniel McAdam who turns up every so often and is a bit of an enigma. They solve murders though! The next one comes out in July 2021.

The Haunted Library Mystery series by Alison Brooks

book cover

Read and Gone is #2 in this series and is set in a small town, USA. Carrie is the events planner at the local library, where we also have a ghost that chats to her. Plus a delightful cat called Smokey Joe. In this book her Dad turned up and it all involved stolen jewels and murders. I have listened to the first two on Audible because they were free and I have #3 queued up as well. After the I’ll have to buy them!!

Quilting Mysteries by Mary Marks   book coverI am reading through this series, I have two more coming from the Library, I just bought the next two because they aren’t at the library and then Kensington will publish I think about #9 mid year and I’ll be all ready for it! I enjoy the characters and the things they get into. Plus the quilting tips of course.

Second Chance Cat Mystery. Sofie Ryan

book cover I’ve read two in this series set in Maine. I enjoy the characters, Elvis the cat and I want to know more about Mac in relation to Sarah. So this is another mystery series I’ll read on much further into.


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12 thoughts on “Cozy Series I Am Reading”

  1. I love the Kat Holloway series and the Sofie Ryan and Allison Brook series. The Rhys Bowen I have found a bit inconsistent but the last few books have been the strongest in my opinion so it might be worth staying with it. If I remember right you’re kind of in the weakest spot. I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying cozies! They really saved my life in 2020.

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  2. I have a soft spot for cozy mysteries that has grown over time. I read two of the series you list here. Allison Brook’s series and then one of my favorites, the Kat Holloway series. Both are fun! Great topic today, Kathryn! I hope you have a great weekend.

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  3. Hi Kathryn! Cozy Mysteries is something new to me, but I enjoy them so much! Kat Holloway is on my TBR and I am going to take a look at Second Chance Cat Mystery now.

    Have a good week!

    Elza Reads

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