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My 2021 Reading Intentions

I think now is the time for me to focus on 2021 and what I want in my reading life for the coming year. These may be refined as I go along as I’ll check myself out at the end of each month.

  1. Read 100 books via the Goodreads Challenge. This is doable for me and I prefer quality reading ( as I enjoyed that book) over reading tons of books.
  2. Read what I truly enjoy, sometimes I stray into the “should”. I should read this book or I should like that book because….  I want to truly own my own reading taste. My taste veers towards what some call “fluff”, which to be honest I find somewhat objectionable. I like books that end satisfactorily, I like good writing but not flowery literary writing. I like a good engaging plot and characters who grow and that I can enjoy.  Within those parameters I read fairly widely I think. I always welcome a good theme with a something to say about life and I like it when an author has a distinctive voice.
  3. Track where I pick up the recommendation for reading a book. It’s not necessary but I still want to do it. Why because if I like the book then I am more likely to pick up another recommendation from the source.
  4. Read or pass on a good swag of the books sitting on my shelves and Kindle. Some of these are ones possibly that I thought I “should” read and like, so I’ll just pass them on or delete if on my Kindle.
  5. Use the library where I can rather than buy books, although there will always be some authors I choose to auto buy or ones I want for other reasons. But …. softly, softly! I did use the library really well in 2020 and I want to continue that … but I really need to be sure I when buying that its a book I really want to keep.


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22 thoughts on “My 2021 Reading Intentions”

  1. What great goals – especially number 2. Altho I take part in a lot of challenges, I really try to read what I truly enjoy. There are only a few books that I end up struggling to read. May 2021 be filled with awesome books and enjoyable reads.

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  2. Oh, I really should keep track of where I get the recommendation for a book! but I’m too lazy to do bullet journal type tracking or anything. I’ll be interested to know if you find a good method.

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    1. Lory I am at the moment taking a screen shot then entering it into my journal when I have it out. I think I heard about doing it that way on the Currently Reading podcast. I don’t mark many recommendations so hopefully I’ll get it to work.

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