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Bookish Thankfulness

This week it just seems a good idea to sit back and say I am really thankful for all the books I could ever want to read being available to me.

Books – all kinds. Paperbacks, Hardbacks, Kindle and audiobooks

I give thanks for the variety of formats I can access and read books.  In 2020 there is no end to books, truth be told sometimes I am overwhelmed by all I might read.

The oldest book I have from childhood. Re covered thanks to one of my sisters.

The latest books I’ve bought for future enjoyment.

Authors – old and new

The list grows all the time of authors I enjoy. The latest are not sewn onto a quilt but many of those engaging authors I have and do appreciate are…




books waiting

I grew up with no local library. Now I have a library to visit and online access that allows me to request from other libraries and all I have to do is go and pick them up! I don’t necessarily read every one of them but it gives me the chance to browse through it to see if I want to read it. Thankful for hardworking Librarians too.

Bookshops – Local and Online our local and Amazon and the Book Depository

I did have one little bookshop in our village growing up, but mostly it was out of my spending range. Now we have a couple of large bookshops plus if I can’t get it here I can order online at a good variety of shops.

Bookshelves I love them


And I am thankful that I have a bookshelf that holds my books and reminds me of the happy hours spent reading.


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11 thoughts on “Bookish Thankfulness”

  1. Glad to see you got into the spirit of the American holiday with some gratitude and thanksgiving!

    What a wonderful tribute to all things books and reading – I agree wholeheartedly! Our libraries are still closed here, though we can order online and do curbside pickup (but I miss going in and looking around).


    Book By Book


  2. Your quilt is gorgeous!

    I can’t imagine not having a library growing up. We didn’t go many places in general but every Friday afternoon, my mom would go to the bank, then the library, then the grocery store. My first job as a teenager was shelving books at that same library.

    Libraries in Oregon were closed for in-person browsing the entire time we were there. Now that we’re in California, libraries are actually open for browsing during limited hours. I went by on Wednesday to get my new card and just wander around the shelves. It made my heart so happy!


  3. OMG you are such a talented artist Kathryn that quilt is true art. And yes books have saved me this year and every year. xo I’m also thankful for my blog friends 🙂


  4. That quilt is sooooo beautiful. You need to start selling them and ship them all over the world. Like to South Africa!

    Yup, very grateful for books this year. I am off to the Book Shop right now for their Black Friday specials. Then I will come and do the rest of the link-ups…

    Lots of Love,

    Mareli & Elza


  5. Great post! Your old book from childhood reminds me of the two I still have that belonged to my mother. One of them was written by Johanna Spyri: Cornelli. Mine was also rebound by a librarian boss of mine. (I worked in a county schools library as a teenager).


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