My Non-Fiction Reading in 2020

I know many readers celebrate non-fiction books by devoting November to it. I am not a big non-fiction reader. My Dad was a huge non-fiction reader but I preferred good ol’ fiction. One young 7 yr old great-nephew was quizzing myself and his grandma (my sister) on the names of the dinosaurs, and even though I’d made him the quilt with all the dinosaurs on, I didn’t have a clue. And couldn’t remember them when he told us! I’m not into dinosaurs!

So when I do read non-fiction what do I pick up.  I am looking back over 2020 to see what I did read or am reading at present that can be termed non-fiction.

Book Cover I read this back in January because it was recommended by Anne Bogel. It’s written by a therapist about her own journey and those she works with. Well worth reading and reflecting upon. Very moving in places and filled with humanity and compassion.

book cover

As it turns out the next book in non-fiction that I read was by Anne Bogel! A well written, well planned and presented book on over thinking. Are you guilty of over-thinking? Most likely in some area or another! And if you think you’re not just be aware of yourself for a day and see. I found myself debating whether I’d roast or put the chicken in the crock pot for today’s meal. Too much mental energy expended.

With wonderfully real examples Anne Bogel depicts the over thinking that many of us engage in (from time to time) and gives us tips to manage this little habit that robs us of energy and time. In one place it had me chuckling out loud. Anne doesn’t spare cover


The third book was because of my hobby of quilting and I wanted to know a bit more about Nancy Zieman. This was worth reading to me. I think this woman Nancy Zieman was remarkable, even though she would probably have said she wasn’t. I enjoyed reading about her early life on a farm, and through many setbacks doing something she loved and succeeding at business with her husband. The book it self is not well edited so don’t expect it to be. Just read it for the gem it is of this time and era and an ordinary woman doing something really well.

Book Cover

An amazing person who by her example inspires me anyway to always be on the path of becoming. She embodies what it means to be truly authentically human. Her message of hope, unity and acceptance and respect for diversity, her optimism and courage. What an example of both humanity and womanhood. She is both powerful and humble. I truly enjoyed hearing her story.


book cover

And lastly one of the non-fiction books I am reading at present. I didn’t know very much about Kamala Harris as I don’t live in the USA, so I decided to pick up this book on Kindle. It is really interesting reading and again I have a growing admiration for this woman. So much of what she discusses is so relevant to my own country and in some areas we are rather different. Recent events have made me think so much more about politics. I was having a discussion with a friend last night. What is socialism? What do Republicans value? I was saying I think I am a socialist. (Our country NZ  veers that way). And then I was saying, “oh the way you say that  it makes me think the Republicans have a good point”. Anyway Kamala Harris I’d vote for you!

Looking at my 2020 reading I am too influenced maybe by the USA! I need to outreach a bit more next year! It’s good to look back and think about my reading. I obviously like reading about women and books by women. Although I am a Richard Rohr reader ( he is an American priest with a great theology I can subscribe to.) And I usually have one of his books on the go.  I think I live on the Left!

What would be one of your favourite non – fiction books this year? Tell me I need to put it on my TBR.


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13 thoughts on “My Non-Fiction Reading in 2020”

  1. I am not much of a nonfiction reader either, but I enjoy nonfiction when I read it. I don’t generally read political or celebrity memoirs, but I do have Becoming on my TBR shelf and I’m curious about Kamala Harris’s book. I actually live in California where she is a Senator, and so I know quite a bit about her. Or at least what the media has reported about her over the years. Don’t Over Think It sounds like a great book for me. I am a BIG over thinker! Thank you for the recommendations! Have a great weekend!


  2. Maybe You Should Talk to Someone was one of my favorite nonfiction reads last year. This year I read Good Morning, Monster which was another book by a therapist about her patients’ stories. Also recommended!


  3. I loved Becoming and want to read the Kamala Harris book. I am also intrigued by the book about overthinking, as I suspect that I am guilty of that activity!

    For example, I am overthinking all the ways that Trump is going to sabotage the Biden/Harris team before they even get through the non-transition he has managed to arrange!


  4. Hi Kathryn! Oh gosh, thank you for reminding me that I want and need to read The Truths We Hold. I’m running over to the library website right now! I truly loved reading Becoming. It makes the small glimpse into their family makes them all the more likable and real. It was amazing 8 years of common sense. ~smile~ Roseanne


  5. Hi there Kathryn! I am also not one for non-fiction. But I saw Non fiction November doing the rounds this month and think I will give it a try next year. It’s always good to try and stretch yourself a bit.

    Maybe you should talk to someone seems nice. The cover is is inviting and friendly. Yellow always makes me feel safe and happy.

    Love the title for Seams unlikely! Clever! I need to learn to work with a sewing machine. I actually have my moms, but have no idea how to work with it!

    I’ve finally managed to do a Friday Connect/Friday Fives, left my link in your linkup. But here it is as well: Friday Fives #1

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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