Fugitive. Emilie Richards

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Published: November 2020

Source: From the author.

Fugitive by Emilie Richards is #3 in her Homecoming trilogy. At centre stage is Tate, we meet her as a runaway in #1 and a little in the second book as well.

Now she has left Kris and Jess and is living in a mountain cabin in Mountain Glade, Arkansas, left to her by her late father. It has no running water or inside bathroom. It’s pretty lonely – just an ol’ dog named Cinn that her father has left behind. Tate is quite savvy, she’s fended for herself on the streets so she is no helpless young woman.  However when confronted with an escaped prisoner, she is in for a rather wild ride. He is a convicted murderer. Yet he says he is someone else. Can Tate trust him?

This story is full of twists and turns, the plot just speeds along and I loved Tate as a character. She has had a tough life, her mother never wanted her, she never met her father. But… possibly she is not that far from family if she is willing to look. And when she does look, they sure are something else!

The escaped prisoner? Well no more to be said. Discover for yourself. Let’s just stay he the features quite a bit!

The setting is vivid and I could picture the area, the cabin, the trees, the river. So well written. I liked all the books in this trilogy, but this just might be my favourite.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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