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New to Me Authors I Want to Read More From.

Looking over the last four months I’ve picked out the five books that would lead me to pick up another book written by each author. There are a few others, I want to read more from but they are debut novels so nothing more – yet!

All covers are linked to Goodreads which will give you the details of each book.

book cover The Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett  was a thoroughly good read and my first by Annie Lyons. Thanks to Mary from Bookfan for introducing me to this author and book. Now I want to read another by her. It has delightful characters, is easy to read, yet explores important issues.

book cover The Perfect Match was very light and enjoyable – the main character annoyed me a little because she stayed on for awhile with a guy who was stupid. But old houses and other lovely characters would entice me to give Katie Fforde another go.

book coverSeabreeze inn was an audiobook and my first sample of Jan Moran. I enjoyed the story – a woman making a new start and an old house with secrets. This one is the first in a few and I’ll keep going with it in due time.

book coverWhen it all went to custard  was my first read by Danielle Hawkins. She is a New Zealand author. This book has a very New Zealand setting, was full of NZ ways and the local vernacular. I found myself laughing out loud often, even though it has the more serious theme of a wife who has been cheated on and left to deal with the family farm, children and anything else that can appear.

book cover I very much enjoyed The Antidote for Everything with its two main characters. The exploration of discrimination is timely and I loved the answer to what is The Antidote to Everything. It’s a medical drama and the author is a doctor so that gives it authenticity. I liked the characters and the story held me.


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11 thoughts on “New to Me Authors I Want to Read More From.”

  1. It is fun to try new authors and find that you like them. I’m currently trying out Diana Quincy, her historical romance; she was listed in a Goodreads newsletter on their site. I like the book so far.

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  2. I love it when I get hooked on a new (to me) author after reading one of their books! I hope you continue to enjoy their work. I don’t think I have tried any of these author before. The Antidote for Everything sounds really interesting (they all do!). Have a great weekend!

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