Books I Bought in October

I haven’t bought five books in a month for a very long time, I’ve been relying on the library, NetGalley and my own shelf for my reading. But this month the buying bug hit me.

I am not telling you much about the books so if you want to know more the book covers will take you to Goodreads.

book coverAs you know I have been a little bit on a quest about Jane Austen and especially Pride and Prejudice, and I bought this edition because I believe it will give me better insight into the background of that particular time in England.

book coverEvery so often I see what Sheree has been reading on Goodreads, before she stopped blogging (The Eclectic Reader).  There were lots of books we liked in common and I noticed she’d given 5 stars to Secrets and Seashells of Rainbow Bay. Plus what a cute cover and something about a castle in Northumberland!

book coverI saw this reviewed in a local women’s magazine and I decided to buy it and give it a go. It is some kind of medical drama, written by a haemotologist, and a New Zealander. I guess I thought I’d support a local author. She has written other books but this is the first one I’ve come across.

book coverI heard a review of this one on the radio and it was described as a charming light read and well I am always one for that kind of read. It’s set in Australia, Scotland, Ireland and England. About love, lies, hope and sorrow and families. So…! Why not!

book coverThis was the only Kindle book out of the five I bought. It’s one of my top favourite romantic suspense series and this one was hit right out of the park and fulfilled all my hopes for the way this series might go. Well of course I read it – straight away. It’s that kind of series. Addictive. Well, soppy book cover, but I believe the book following is going to have a different look.

The next book about the characters comes out in April 2020. I have pre-ordered it!


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13 thoughts on “Books I Bought in October”

  1. Hi Kathryn! OOOOH – the Fatal book sounds even better with your review. I have been ‘saving’ the last few in the series but now I’m ready to get back into Sam, et. al. Thanks!! ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. Shellrae I think she did have health issues plus a bit tired of book blogging. I did follow her on Instagram well do, but not seen her photos for awhile. She is very good at photography. She still adds to her shelves on Goodreads and so that is where I saw the book she gave 5 stars to. Yes my two favourite Australian bloggers disappeared at pretty much the same time. So happy you are back!

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