Flying the Nest. Rachael Johns

book cover

Published: Harlequin Australia
Date: October 29th 2020
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

Flying the Nest by Rachael Johns is a thoroughly good read. It just goes down so smoothly, I found myself flying through it!

It’s told from Ashling’s point of view. Her husband hits her with a a very tough call. He wants them to try nest parenting! What! she thinks. Oh and as well they should separate as he wants to experience relationships with other women. Now all this is not what Ashling had forseen But she’s catapulted into it.

At first she is so totally blindsided she stutters around. But the thought of visiting a seaside place and doing up an old shack soon snare her.

There are difficulties and challenges. The children – ten year old Payton and teen Saxon resent the new arrangement and of course their parents separation affects them deeply.

The book has a distinctive but subtle Australian flavour. I loved Ragged Point and the little island. The people at Ragged Point were a wonderful community and Dan added a whole extra interest. My favourite was the possum. In my country they are a huge pest, but at Ragged Point the needs of one rambunctious possum are taken into account.

The book explores a marriage gone stale, the impact of separation on children, the way a person can let their needs go by the way, how loss can affect a person it different ways. It has thoughtful points to make as well as being a wonderfully good read.

7 thoughts on “Flying the Nest. Rachael Johns”

  1. Wow this is a new divorced parenting solution to me but it sounds like it really takes the kids feelings into priority. The book sounds Fab thanks Kathryn


  2. I had to google nest parenting. I didn’t know that’s what it’s called but I’m familiar with the concept and have always thought it makes sense. Sounds like a good read!


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