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I am not a huge viewer, I mostly read, but I do see the occasional movie and TV series. I love some adaptations of some books, Anne of Green Gables comes to mind – all versions of viewing  I would happily sit down and watch every so often. Here are five books I’ve read with their screen version thoughts.

book cover I have read all the Outlander books and will read another if or when it publishes. I have the first two DVD’s of the screen version and its on TV too at the moment. And…  so far I  haven’t been able to be a fan of the screen version. I know of many who love it on screen, I know Diana Gabaldon is closely linked to the screen version, but I just prefer the book world.

book cover I am in process of reading Pride and Prejudice but have previously viewed a couple of on screen versions. I have really enjoyed both and would watch again. I think a screen version done really well can lead me to a book and in this case that’s how it worked.

book coverVirgin River series is another set of books I’ve enjoyed and followed through as they were written. I’ve watched most of Season 1 of the onscreen version but fell by the wayside. I know Season 2 is due out soon. I may give it a go, just to see.

book coverThis is a middle grade book I read to my class when I was teaching and we all loved it. Well I gave it five stars anyway! So when I heard there was a movie out for it I wanted to see it. But I never got to the movie theatre for it. However one day it was on TV and I was there for sure. I thought it was done well, held to the spirit and theme of the book and I’d watch it again and re-read the book – I did leave my copy behind in the classroom when I left but can always get another!

book coverLastly one book I read a while back that I don’t remember that well, set around WW2 and  in letter form. I didn’t fall for it as much as many other readers have, but when the movie was on TV I thought I’ll give this a go. I haven’t yet viewed it but have it recorded.  I am anticipating that it will be good and will help me visualise how this all worked out and I suspect and hope it may lead me to re read the book.

So how about you. Is there a screen version that has led you to a book or a book that has led you to the screen version?


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14 thoughts on “Book to Screen”

  1. I loved Keira Knightly in Pride and Prejudice. I did watch the mini series one as well with Colin Firth. It was hard for me to read the book because the conversations felt like labryinths.

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  2. I love that adapting books for the big and small screens has become such a huge trend in recent years! I love to see a favorite book on screen 🙂 Yes, of course, the book is always better, but it’s still fun!

    I have only read the first 2 Outlander books (so far! need to tackle another next Big Book Summer!), so I am partway through the second season of the TV show. I like it & think the actors portraying the leads do a great job – it;s fun to see the period detail come to life.
    I still haven;t read or watched Wonder, but I really want to on both counts!!

    Loved Guernsey, the novel (as did my son who read it for Brit Lit in school), and I thought the movie was excellent – very well done.

    We are currently watching Mr. Mercedes on TV (based on a Stephen King crime thriller we both loved) and hope to watch the latest film adaptation of Rebecca (on Netflix) this weekend – we both enjoyed listening to the book on audio together on a roadtrip.

    The Last Tycoon, based on an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, was an excellent TV show on Netflix. Orange is the New Black was a great memoir and an outstanding TV show (very R-rated, though, so not sure if that is your kind of thing). Same with the 2 seasons of The Alienist based on the novels, though pretty violent (but set in 1890’s). My husband said The Man in the High Castle was a terrible novel but the TV adaptation on Amazon was excellent – apparently a common pattern for Dick’s novels!

    Great topic!!


    Book By Book


  3. I love the screen adaptations of Pride and Prejudice! It always drives me crazy when they make unnecessary changes to the book or have the characters do something that completely out of characters. I want to try Guernsey on Netflix but have been scared because I love the book so much! I can watch the 80s version of Anne of Green Gables over and over. It’s my absolute favorite.

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  4. I’ve read many of the Outlander books and have seen the series and loved it. Same with Wonder. I’ve read the Virgin River series and the Guernsey book and enjoyed both- but have not seen the movies.


  5. I’ve read a couple of the Outlander books, but haven’t seen the screen version and don’t really want to. I read the Virgin River series and watched the series on Netflix. I enjoyed it especially during the pandemic when I wanted something light. I’ve enjoyed all the Jane Austen screen adaptations and think they were quite true to the books. I haven’t seen or read the other two! I think I watched the Virgin River series since I’d read the book. I’ve read most of Agatha Christie’s books and that certainly was a reason I watched a number of the versions of the books done as TV and movies. I especially enjoyed the original Murder on the Orient Express.

    This was a fun topic to read, Kathryn!


  6. I read Guernsey years ago and finally watched the film during lockdown a few months ago. I liked it but preferred the book. Love the P&P films and occasionally read while listening – a nice experience!


  7. I loved Virgin River on Netflix, and I’m eager to watch Season II. I have seen Wonder, as a movie, but haven’t read the book.

    I first read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society a few years ago, and then later, saw the movie on Netflix. I enjoyed both versions.

    Thanks for sharing.

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