Australian Authors I Favour

There are some Australian authors who have become authors I like to pick up anything that is published that they write. I recognise USA readers may not be able to access these books, but because Australia is my country’s nearest neighbour they are sold here.

The authors I choose of course are because of my particular reading bent, but there are many, many more very gifted Australian authors.

book coverI have just finished this book by Fiona Palmer.  I first came across her when I read her novel Brothers and Sisters. In Tiny White Lies she writes a very compassionate story of two families facing a number of issues. It engaged me, its well written and well worth reading. I am still thinking of her two women characters. 

book cover

Rachael Johns is another Australian author I’ve been reading in recent years. She often writes rural romance although she writes very good women’s fiction as well and Flying the Nest is her most recent. My review will be published soon, but in a nutshell what happens when your husband suggests you nest parent!

Book cover

Fiona Lowe might be my top Australian author even though I’ve so far only read a couple of her books.  I’ve chosen Home Fires to place here as it impacted me in a way that I still remember the story. I guess in this day we here so much about towns being swept through by fire and this book brought it totally home to me. Apart from that it has plenty of drama and mystery.

book cover

Natasha Lester tends to write historical novels and those that I have read have been well worth it.  She pens absorbing tales that enlighten the reader about the particular time period. I prefer contemporary novels but I will pick up an historical written by Natasha Lester.

Anne Gracie writes romance and I have enjoyed some of them. Her Chance sister quartet of books is a set I have particularly enjoyed. A lot of fun and strong female characters. I have one of her books sitting waiting for me to read on my bookshelf Marry in Scandal.


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9 thoughts on “Australian Authors I Favour”

    1. Yes I love Liz Byrski books too. I think Tricia Stringer I’ve read as well. Jane Harper writes more thrillers and don’t really read those. Monica Mc I really need to delve into and Cassie Hamer is a new author to me, will look her up.


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