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Five Audiobooks I Plan to Listen to Soon

I love a good audiobook. A well written book in the hands of a really good narrator is the ultimate. I am just looking ahead to what I want to pick up very soon to listen to. I am not sure which will be first, but it will be one from this list.

I already own Born a Crime so this one has to be up there to listen to very soon

I recently listened to #3 in this series and its made me put this one way up the list of TBL books.

Due to be published mid October and this is certainly on my soon to be listened to list. I love this series set on Mure.

I enjoy Sarah Morgan’s books and this is her latest and will be a good listen no doubt near Christmas.

I’d put this one into my TBR after seeing Elizabeth from Silver Reviews recommend. And it looks good and summery and well summer is advancing here in NZ!

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12 thoughts on “Five Audiobooks I Plan to Listen to Soon”

    1. Born a Crime should be good. Couldn’t find where to comment on your blog on Sunday / Monday post. loved the deer. Amazing how the wildlife come into your backyard. I guess you must be out in the country and open to forest. Wow 2012 book, but looks good.


  1. Oh I’ve never listened to either Sarah Morgan’s or Karen White’s books but I love them in print. I’m always afraid of not liking the narrator doing authors I love. Thanks for sharing

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  2. These all look good, Kathryn. I already own Trevor Noah’s book, too, and I have the audio of Christmas at the Island Hotel on hold at my library. I hope I get it before Christmas! I hope you get to listen to them soon.


  3. I need to try the Karen White series on audio. I read one and didn’t love it but I’ve had good luck with books that I don’t start out in love with in audio. Colgan’s books work so great in audio. I listened to Endless Beach and and Cupcake Cafe and they were both such a delight. I preordered this one in book form but I’d love to listen to them.

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    1. The White books are easy listens – I do remember you saying you didn’t care for the first one. I am so looking forward to this Jenny Colgan book, and the narrator is really good.


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