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Booked and Hooked by Debut Novels

I’ve just finished a debut novel that was excellent and it made me think of debut novels I’ve read before or plan to read. Looking over them it makes me either think I could reread some of these or go looking for any more by these authors.

book cover This is that 2020 debut novel. It is a very insightful novel about mother/daughter relationships, friendships and really finding out who you really are, and fighting that people pleaser syndrome. It’s told in the context of the Indian culture, but really has quite universal application. That said, I really liked the look into the culture.  Yes will want to read this author again if she writes another.

book cover I have mentioned Ten Thousand Doors of January before – its sort of fantasy, imaginative, magic and coming of age story. Yes I do want to read this author again and her next book comes out in about a month. I’ll be reading it.


book cover This one has Canadian/Muslim/Indian culture vibes and is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice. I’ve mentioned it before but this time just noting its a debut novel that published 2019. No sign of another book as yet, but I’d read it if she did write another, in the meantime this is worthy of a reread at some point.

book coverEvvie Drake Starts Over was another 2019 debut novel I really liked listening to the audiobook version last year. I can’t see any sign of another novel but I’ll check again because I’d certainly read another by Linda Holmes. The characters and situation was well explored.


book coverFinally an author’s debut novel that is still sitting on my TBR shelf – A Place for Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza that explores an American Indian Muslim family. This one published in 2018. I need to get onto it this year.

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18 thoughts on “Booked and Hooked by Debut Novels”

  1. Great list!

    I enjoyed Evvie Drake – I was already a fan of Linda Holmes because she hosts one of my favorite podcasts, Pop Culture Happy Hour, and I was excited that I got to interview her when her book came out!

    I have heard great things about Ayesha At Last, and I have heard you rave about The Ten Thousand Doors of January, so I really want to read both of those!


    Book By Book

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  2. I started Ayesha at Last but it wasn’t working for me. I decided to read Unmarriageable instead – I was going to ask if you had read it but then I saw you are listening to the audiobook. It was fun, but if you have not “properly read P&P” I really wonder what you will think. It was a VERY close retelling so part of the fun was noticing all the parallels (and some differences).

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    1. Lory as I am listening to Unmarriageable I am thinking it must follow P&P very closely. It is also making me think about reading P&P properly. I am enjoying Unmarriageble very much on audio. Making me laugh every so often.

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  3. I have never read any of these authors and they all look good! I just finished a Pride and Prejudice sequel (kind of) so a retelling really appeals to me. The different cultural vibes sound very interesting.

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    1. Mary when I saw on Goodreads that you had read it, it made me want to put it higher up my list. I picked it because it was a recommendation by Anne Bogel, but then got cold feet! I really liked Ayesha at Last.


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