Month in Review

Looking Over my August Reading.

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Total books read this month: 13

New to me authors:

Janet Skeslien Charles
Beth Morrey
Natalie Jenner

Top Book for August

Well honestly they were all good. Hard to pick. I think I’ll name this one, it was a little outside of what I read but I really enjoyed the audiobook of it. Not sure how I’d get on with the paperback but I’d reread it in that format.

book cover

Looking forward to reading in  September

There aren’t any books being published in September that I am aware of that I really, really want to read, some of which are already published.  I’ve already started one I do want to read this month and a couple of others as well in my hopeful plans.

Main Reading Goals for September

Well to read the books just above this and anything else that grabs my interest. I might make a note of why I add a book to my TBR. For example I know who I got the Well Behaved Indian Women book recommendation from, but can’t remember where I got Love Lettering, which I did see in the last week in a review. I was able to pick up a library copy. When looking on Goodreads I also see I have it as a Modern Mrs Darcy summer reading guide book. But that’s not why I got triggered to read it. Did you read this recently? Then most likely it was you.

Incoming Books for  August


Wild is an older book by Kristin Hannah!  Magic Hour, lucky for me I hadn’t read it, otherwise I’d have been really annoyed that I picked it up from the “new table”.

Library Books

Of the books I read this month these ones came from the library. A bit month for library reading!

Coming in From NetGalley

From an Author

Audio Books

Using an Audible credit.

Linking up with Nicole from  Feed Your Fiction Addiction.


17 thoughts on “Looking Over my August Reading.”

  1. I have a copy of Big Summer and it will be my first book by this author. I’ve read great reviews on her writing style and books. Because I read lots of YA and MG, September’s books are breaking my book budget as I love hard covers. Your August reading was excellent and I hope you are also having an excellent September.

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  2. Wow, 13 books in August – that is awesome!

    I still really want to read The Moon is Missing after reading your review. And I’ve never heard of Wild, though I love Kristin Hannah’s books, to thanks for the heads up!

    I have a column on my Want to Read spreadsheet (yup, true book geek!) for where I heard about the book. The problem is that I don’t always remember to add a book to the spreadsheet when I hear about it! ha ha Then again, the list is about 1000 long at this point anyway, so …

    Hope you enjoy your books in September, too!


    Book By Book

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