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Books with Older Characters

I am coming across more books with older characters. Some are a little of a delightful fantasy and some are very true to real life. However all are enjoyable. While these are not the only books I have enjoyed or intend to enjoy with older characters, here are five I have thought of.  Three I have read, one I am reading and one I hope to read.

book cover Away with the Penguins has an eighty six year old heroine. She is grumpy and non trusting. And… she is rather wealthy. She has no family until a rather non delectable grandson is tracked down. In the meantime Granny has decided to take a trip to Antartica to see the penguins and stays with a small group of scientists. Most of them are a bit grumpy too. However hearts begin to change and this was a most wonderful read with lots of facts about penguins as well. In the USA it is titled How the Penguins Saved Veronica.


book cover The Woman Next Door by Australian author Liz Byrski has an older character – Stella who is a bit of a character but who seems to be slipping in ways that concern her friends/neighbours. She is an actress nearly eighty. Liz Byrski has a great gift for exploring the life experiences of the older age group as does Joanna Nell who has written…

book cover The Last Voyage of Mrs Parker I read last year. It tells the story of the wife of a retired ship’s Doctor. But… she finds her husband is missing and she is rather confused about things. Joanna Nell is another Australian author who explores the experience of ageing for those its happening to and those who are with them.


The Switch The Switch by Beth O’Leary is an audiobook I happen to be listening to at the moment and one of the main characters is near eighty.  Eileen who is newly single and looking for a second chance at love. She seems to be a bit of a character as well as being a very compassionate and understanding grandmother. So far I am enjoying it.  It’s an extra listen for me as I picked it up from NetGalley as it was in the “Read Now” category. And one I did intend to read as I enjoyed Beth O’Leary’s previous book.


book coverThe Love Story of Missy Carmichael. This is the story of a seventy nine year old. She lives alone and seems to be estranged from her family. This is one I haven’t read but it sounds like I could give it a go so its now on my TBR list. A few readers I follow have read it and that’s good enough for me.




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17 thoughts on “Books with Older Characters”

  1. I find sometimes I need to read a book that is about a different age group from the 20-somethings. Sometimes I like reading about a woman who’s around my age.


  2. Great post, Kathryn. I’m hoping that having older protagonists is going to turn into a new publishing craze. I’m 47 and feel like I’m drowning in YA releases! Lol!
    If you like paranormal stories, there’s a new genre called #PWF (Paranormal Romance Fiction) launched this year, where all the protagonists are over 40. Like this one by Elizabeth Hunter.


  3. I am rather fond of older characters lately, too; in fact I’ve always been interested in older people, even when I was young. My grandmother had such wonderful stories to tell, so she was someone I loved spending time with.

    I have The Switch on pre-order and Missy Carmichael is on my shelf already. Which reminds me that I need to bring it out to read soon!

    Thanks for sharing.

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