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Half Year Favourites 2020

Some books are just so readable and satisfying, I watch anxiously where I am in the book because I don’t want it to end. When I am going “oh I am only at 31%” then that’s the opposite and I know I don’t really like it.

Here are five I really liked so far this year and gave 5 stars. One New Zealand author, two from the USA, one British and one Australian.  That wasn’t planned but that’s how it worked out. Two were audiobooks and  two I have in paperback. One was a review book from NetGalley. Oh and I have Becoming in hardback as well as audio!  So if I could only save five books from the first half of 2020, these are the ones!

All these authors would now be auto reads/listens now.

book coverIt’s no secret I love this series and this book was filled with the beauty and compassion Nalini Singh brings to this pay/changeling series.

Book CoverSuch an inspiring memoir and narrated so well by herself.




book cover

Jenny Colgan brings very likeable characters and her settings are part of it. Excellent on audio.

book cover



A complicated family story that just glued me to the book.


book coverLoved the characters, the garden, the writing.







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20 thoughts on “Half Year Favourites 2020”

  1. I saw the title of this post and thought “Oh, how nice!” then quickly thought, “OMG, is the year half over already??” ha ha

    Looks like you are enjoying an excellent reading year so far – this is a great idea – if I ever catch up on reviews in the next couple of weeks, maybe I will do the same. Hope the 2nd half of 2020 brings more good books for you!


    2020 Big Book Summer Challenge


  2. I loved Becoming and have it in hardcover…and now I want to listen to it, too.

    I love Jenny Colgan’s books and need to catch up on them. Just An Ordinary Family looks so good, too…and the others are also so tempting.

    Thanks for sharing.


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