Brave Girl Quiet Girl. Catherine Ryan Hyde

book cover

Published: Lake Union Publishing
Date:19th May 2020
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

Brooke is a divorced single mom, financially strapped, living with her mother, and holding tight to the one thing that matters most: her two-year-old daughter, Etta. Then, in a matter of seconds, Brooke’s life is shattered when she’s carjacked. Helpless and terrified, all Brooke can do is watch as Etta, still strapped in her seat, disappears into the Los Angeles night.

Miles away, Etta is found by Molly, a homeless teen who is all too used to darkness. Thrown away by her parents, and with a future as stable as the wooden crate she calls home, Molly survives day to day by her wits. As unpredictable as her life is, she’s stunned to find Etta, abandoned and alone. Shielding the little girl from more than the elements, Molly must put herself in harm’s way to protect a child as lost as she is.

It was difficult to start into this book as a young child disappears in a car and away from her mother. I was almost reading with my eyes shut!

However as it turns out she is found by Molly a young sixteen year old homeless girl. Molly is amazing with Etta and eventually all is well. Or almost well.

We get to know the mother – Brooke as well as Molly and of course little Etta who is quite a character on her own. Brooke is really on hard times and living at her own mother’s house, while supporting her young daughter. When her daughter is taken off with the car her world falls apart and those around her wonder if it will ever get back together.

The story explores mother / daughter relationships, the best and worst. It explores homelessness and the foster system. It explores what real relationships are like  and promises and trust.

It’s an emotional ride, it tugs at a reader’s heartstrings. Brooke and Molly have so much to take on and grow through and they do and it made the story a really good read.


7 thoughts on “Brave Girl Quiet Girl. Catherine Ryan Hyde”

  1. I am so glad that I downloaded this one! It seems to have all the themes I love…except I really cringe at stolen children, of course. This one sounds like it has good outcomes. Thanks for sharing this great review.

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